Robert MacMicking

M, #3123, b. 12 Aug 1826, d. 7 Jun 1908
Note* Mannus Cemetery
BLACK      Eleanor Jane Maitland      03.10.1875      03.06.1962                  
McMICKING BOYD      Helen Henrietta Germaine      19.04.1879      04.10.1978                  
MacMICKING      May Quinta Wilhelmina      12.03.1877      14.02.1889 Nice, France      11 yrs 11 months      Died at Nice France. Her remains were brought to her home and interred here.      2 different headstones
McMICKING      Robert Torrance      1891      1970            Loved husband and father      
McMICKING      Burnett Villeneuve      05.11.1907      07.01.2000            Eldest son of Thomas William & Maude Eliza McMicking. Beloved husband of Antoinette, loving father of Merren.      
McMICKING      Cuthbert Douglas      30.03.1882      06.06.1968                  
McMICKING nee WI      Sarah Elizabeth      11.06.1888      25.08.1970            Wife of Cuthbert Dougals McMicking      
McMICKING      Eleanor Jane      21.05.1875      18.09.1926            Wife of Robert McMicking      
McMICKING      Germain Nicholson      15.07.1870      09.02.1921            Eldest son of Robert & Eleanor Jane McMicking, father of Eleanor R Germain Tuckett      2 different headstones
TUCKETT      Eleanor R Germain      18.6.1900      20.11.1950            Wife of Ian W Tuckett      
McMICKING      Thomas William      11.11.1873      22.12.1934                  
McMICKING      Maude Eliza      12.05.1874      22.11.1950            Wife of Thomas William      
McMICKING      Robert      12.08.1826 Scotland      07.06.1908            Settled Manus 1856      
McMICKING      Eleanor Jane      21.05.1845      15.09.1926            Wife of Robert      
McMICKING      Robert Germain      18.04.1903      24.05.1930            Son of Germain Nicholson McMicking      
McMICKING      Robert St Ringan      02.11.1871      26.07.1943                  
McMICKING      Louisa Frances      24.11.1872      31.07.1959            Wife of Robert St Ringan      
McMICKING      Frank Villeneuve      22.10.1904      09.01.1933            Son of Robert St Ringan & Louisa Frances McMicking      
MacMICKING      Robert      12.08.1826      07.06.1908            Of Manus, youngest son of Thomas MacMICKING of Miltonise, Wictownshire, Scotland      
NICHOLSON      Eleanor            01.11.1901      82 yrs      Wife of Germain Nicholson      
NICHOLSON      Germain            23.11.1888      74 yrs      Was buried in the Red Sea, arrived in Victoria Jan 1842 with is wife.      
NICHOLSON      Eleanor            01.11.1901 Sydney, NSW      82 yrs      Wife of Germain Nicholson.1       
Book*MacMicking, Robert, arrived in Melbourne in 1852 from China and Manilla, where he had resided some time, and while suffering from sickness, and voyaging about the East Indies to recover health, wrote an account of the Philippines—"Recollections of Manilla and the Philippines," which was published by Bentley in London 1851, and was well received by the critics of that day, and has since been regarded as an authority on the condition and prospects of that Spanish colony. Having decided to remain in Australia, he settled in Melbourne for some years, carrying on business as an East India and China merchant there. Subsequently he resided on his Mannus station, in the Murrumbidgee district, and on Cashmere station, on the Maranoa and Balonne Rivers, Queensland. Mannus, an aboriginal word, means mustering place, it having been a favourite place for the meeting of the tribes. Here also Hovell turned back from Hume on their first exploration in 1824, in search of Port Phillip, although he subsequently rejoined Hume at another place. Mr. R. MacMicking is the youngest son of the late Thomas MacMicking, of Miltonise, Wigtonshire, who represented the ancient barons of Kilantringan, Carrick, Ayrshire, several of whom were at various epochs of Scottish history not undistinguished. One of them, in 1427, a Galloway baron, lost his life, being an adherent of the Lord of the Isles, when he, with about fifty Celtic chiefs, was seized by James I. of Scotland, that monarch having determined to suppress the independent sovereignty boasted by Alexander, the Lord of the Isles. At the Reformation they took a prominent part in Ayrshire, and during the reign Charles II. suffered imprisonment and fines in the cause of civil and religious liberty. Mr. MacMicking married first Miss Jane White, and secondly Eleanor Jane, only daughter of Mr. Germain Nicholson, and has issue.2 
Birth*12 Aug 1826 The Crook, Stirlingshire, Scotland.3 
Marriage*27 Sep 1862 Spouse: Jane Whyte. Geelong, VIC, Australia.4
Widower18 Jan 1868Robert MacMicking became a widower upon the death of his wife Jane Whyte.4,5 
Marriage*11 Aug 1869 Spouse: Eleanor Jane Nicholson. Christ Church, St Kilda, VIC, Australia, #M2583.3
Marriage-Notice*14 Aug 1869 MacMicking-Nicholson.-On the 11th inst. at Christ Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. J. Stanley Low, assisted by the Rev. S. L. Chase, Robert MacMicking, Esq., Manus, Upper Murray, to Eleanor Jane, only child of Germain Nicholson, Esq., St. Kilda. No cards.6 
Death*7 Jun 1908 Tumbarumba, NSW, Australia, #D7497.7 


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