Ellen Sophia Crosby

F, #9964, b. 1856, d. 3 Sep 1939
Married NameLadd.1 
Birth*1856 Manchester, Lancashire, England.1 
Marriage*1879 Spouse: Thomas Matthew Ladd. VIC, Australia, #M3694.1
Widow10 Feb 1917Ellen Sophia Crosby became a widow upon the death of her husband Thomas Matthew Ladd.1 
Death*3 Sep 1939 Camberwell, VIC, Australia, #D8533 (Age 83) [par James CROSBY & Hope RAY].2 
Death-Notice*5 Sep 1939LADD.—On the 3rd September 1939 at Camberwell, Helen, widow of the late Thomas Ladd of Auburn.3 


  • IND B 9.10, Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, VIC, Australia, In memory of Emma, wife of Matthew LADD, d 10 Jan 1899, aged 65 years, also above Matthew LADD, d 23 Jul 1901, aged 71 years. Thomas Matthew LADD son of above d 10 Feb 1917, aged 59 years, beloved husband of Nellie.4,5


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Charles Williams

M, #9974, b. 1 Jan 1850, d. 15 Jul 1935
Birth*1 Jan 1850 Bruton, Somerset, England.1 
Marriage*24 Aug 1871 Spouse: Ellen Hurley. Pilton, Somerset, England.1
Occupation*bt 1 Oct 1889 - 31 Dec 1892 Charles Williams worked at Inebriate Asylum as temporary secretary, earning £250 per year. Relieved 31 Dec 1892 (Institution closed 30 Sep 1892. Mr Williams subsequently transferred to Audit Office.)2 
Widower26 Oct 1928He became a widower upon the death of his wife Ellen Hurley.1,3 
Death*15 Jul 1935 Oakleigh, VIC, Australia, #D6343 (Age 85) [par Christopher WILLIAMS & Eliza VICKER].1,4 
Death-Notice*16 Jul 1935WILLIAMS-On the 15th July at his residence, 11 Maroo street Oakleigh, Charles, relict of the late Ellen Williams, loving father of Anna (Mrs Billinghurst), Emily (deceased), Leonard, George, Leslie, and Chris, aged 85 years.—At rest.
WILLIAMS.—The Friends of the late Mr CHARLES WILLIAMS are informed that his funeral will leave his residence, 15 Maroo street, Oakleigh, To-morrow (Wednesday) morning at 10 o'clock for the place or interment in the Necropolis Springvale.5 
Village Bell*Dec 1992The article reads: Headhunting - 103 Years Ago !!
POST OFFICE TELEGRAPHS, VICTORIA 17th August 1889 - TELEGRAM - To - Mr Charles Williams, Bellair Inebriate Retreat, South Australia
"Will you accept 200 pounds a year without rations to take charge of a small Inebriate Retreat. What accommodation would you require for yourself and family."
Signed T.T. Dick - Treasury Buildings,Victoria
Charles Williams accepted and resigned from his position as Manager of the South Australian Inebriate Retreat.
On the 22nd August 1889 the "Department of Hospitals for the Insane" recommended that he be given charge as Secretary and Manager of the Temporary Inebriate Retreat at Beaconsfield. This appointment was confirmed in Victorian Gazette No. 107, dated 11th October 1889. Signed by Alfred Deakin - Chief Secretary.
When Charles commenced work on 1st October 1889, his salary was increased to 250 pounds a year, without rations, probably because the available accommodation was insufficient for his family. The document of appointment states "The small size of the building will not permit of Mr Williams being allowed more than two rooms for his own accommodation." Charles had a wife and five children, so he arranged his own accommodation in a house in A'Beckett Road, Upper Beaconsfield - possibly 'Melbournia'.
The Temporary Inebriate Retreat was for men only: an old timber building, it was sited on the east side of Emerald Road, opposite the present entrance to Montuna Golf, and functioned for about two years whilst a permanent retreat was being built at Northcote. The building was pulled down many years ago and a brick house was built near the site by Mr Barnes.
Charles Williams was an English draper who came to Australia about 1880. On the ship he became very friendly with a Mr Angel, who had been offered a position with the Bellair Inebriate Retreat and who offered Charles a job at the Retreat. Charles worked at the Retreat for two years prior to being offered the position in Victoria.
His eldest son Leonard was a student at Berwick Grammar School and at the Christmas breakup in December 1890, was awarded Honourable Mention for his studies in Latin, English, French, Geography and Mathematics.
Allan Williams, a son of Leonard, stayed with his grandfather in 1935. He remembers him as being a small man, somewhat quiet, but a very strict disciplinarian.
Allan and Leslie Williams kindly provided the information and the photostated documentation relating to the appointment of their grandfather Charles as Manager of the Retreat - and confirmed that the name "Inebriates Hill" as shown in "The 1899 Illustrated Guide to the Beaconsfield Ranges" had justification! This hill is now part of Guy's Hill.
About the same time there was also a retreat for women inebriates, sited in Walnut Grove off Telegraph Road. The Superintendent and probable builder was a Dr Blair, who sold the house to the Langs. This building is shown in the "1899 Guide" and is still intact.6 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
30 Mar 1851Christopher WILLIAMS (fish monger), High Street, Bruton, Somerset, EnglandAge 17
7 Apr 1861Christopher WILLIAMS (inn keeper), Bull... Head Inn, Bruton, Somerset, EnglandAge 11 - Scholar8
2 Apr 1871Christopher WILLIAMS (inn keeper), Queens Head, Westend, Bruton, Somerset, EnglandAge 21 - Drapers Assistant9
3 Apr 1881Broadwinsor, Dorset, EnglandHead of Household: Charles Williams. Age 31 - Grocer, Draper & Postmaster
Member(s) of Household: Ellen Williams, Leonard Charles Williams, George Hurley Williams, William Leslie Williams.10


  • 16 Jul 1890, Stolen from Mr. Williams, manager Inebriate Asylum, Beaconsfield, on the 7th instant, a red and white cow, in milk, very heavy body, branded TG near rump, 6 years old, in good condition, hoop horns. Value £7.11


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