Herbert Thomas Curtis

M, #10102, b. 1881, d. 1964
(Owner) UBeac-Land(Selector) Archibald Dickson Hunter; GEM--42, VIC, Australia.
Bought from HOLMAN per 22/10/1940, sold to HALLEY in 1941/42 rate year  
Land-UBeac*31 Oct 1940 GEM--42. Transfer from John Bostraze Holman to Herbert Thomas Curtis.1 
Land-UBeac*4 Sep 1943 GEM--42. Transfer from Herbert Thomas Curtis to Jack Halley. Curtis sold to HALLEY in 1941/42 Rate year N48, by 1947 N100, 1957 N105, 1961 N213.2,3 
Death*1964 Kew, VIC, Australia, possible death: #D17415 (Age 83) [par Joseph CURTIS & Sarah UNKNOWN].4 


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Philip Oakden

M, #10109, b. 7 Oct 1840, d. 17 Feb 1916
(Owner) UBeac-Prop PAK-pt 66 (pt Lot 10) (Fernacre), VIC, Australia.
Mortgagee to Sarah Ellen SMITH from 17 Jan 1891 - transfers to REED 9 Jul 1900  
Birth*7 Oct 1840 Launceston, TAS, Australia. [par Philip OAKDEN & Georgina COWIE]1 
UBeac Research*1867 10814 Phillip Oakden Melbourne Grazier
Proceedings in Insolvent Estates.2 
UBeac Research1875 OAKDEN, PHILIP
Ship: ALHAMBRA; Arrival Year: 1875; Arrival Month: JUN; Age: 35; Gender: -; Origin: -; Master: BAWDEN W J; Origin PORT code: N; Fiche number: 136; Page of list: 1. 
Marriage*30 Jun 1875 Spouse: Fanny Parramore. Wesleyan Church Rites, Ross, TAS, Australia.3
Marriage-Notice*2 Jul 1875OAKDEN—PARRAMORE.—On the 30th June, at the Wesleyan Church, Ross, by the Rev. J. Hutchison, Philip Oakden, of Clifton Station, Otago, New Zealand, eldest son of the late Philip Oakden, Esq., of Launceston, to Fanny, only daughter of the late Thomas Parramore, Esq., of Beaufront.4 
Land-Note*17 Jan 1891 Mortgagee: Philip Oakden. Mortgage No 120178. Not discharged.. Mortgagor was Sarah Ellen Smith.5 
Land-UBeac*a 1892 PAK-66 l/p 1265 (part Lot 10) 'Fernacre', 55 St Georges Road. Transfer from Sarah Ellen Smith to Philip Oakden. 7a 2r 11p.6 
UBeac ResearchJan 1900 Outward Passengers: Ship: PATEENA I; Arrival Date: JAN 1900; OAKDEN, PHILIP MRS - Age: 28; OAKDEN, PHILIP MR Age: 40; Destination: LAUNCESTON; Master: BENTLEY JAS V; Film Ref date: JAN 1900; Page of list: 2. 
Land-UBeac*9 Jul 1900 PAK-66 l/p 1265 (part Lot 10) 'Fernacre', 55 St Georges Road. Transfer from Philip Oakden to Rowland Edgar Reed. 7a 2r 11p.7 
Death*17 Feb 1916 Cobar, NSW, Australia, #D3810/1916 [par Philip & Georgeana].8 


  • 18 Feb 1916: Death of Mr P. Oakden. The death occurred yesterday afternoon at his home, Lerida Station, 17 miles from Cobar, of Mr. Philip Oakden, one of the pioneer pastoralists of the district. Deceased was 76 years of age. He was president of the Pastoralists Union and chairman of Director's of the Occidental Gold Mining Company. The funeral will take place this afternoon in Cobar.9
  • 22 Feb 1916: Late Mr. P. Oakden. PIONEER PASTORALIST.
    The death of Mr Philip Oakden, at his home, Lerida Station, near Cobar, on Thursday afternoon, after an illness of six months, removes one of the oldest pioneer paetoralists in the district.
    Mr Oakden, who was a native of Tasmania, was in his 76th year, and was educated at Horton College, Ross. His father was one of the founders in the Union Bank in the island State. He played a prominent part in pastoral pursuits in the western division of this State. In 1868 he went to New Zealand, where the extensive Waimera stud flocks, both merino and longwool, of the late Mr. W. A. Tolmio were for a time under his superintendence. Then with Mr. John Booth he acquired the Te Anau Downs Station, in the Southland district, and in partnership with the late Mr. M. I. Browne, of Victoria, he purchased the Tapui Downs Station, in the Oamaru district. Selling Te Anau Downs in 1876 and Tapui Downs in 1878, he came in the latter year to New South Wales, and with Messrs Browne and Booth purchased the Wirlong Station, in the Hillston district, which was held for several years and then sold. Finally with his partners (Messrs I. and W. Browne) he bought Lerida, in 1879, where he resided from 1886 until the time of his death. He brought the Lerida flock to a position of excellence that was recognised throughout the State. He also had much to do with the stocking and supervision a
    few years ago of the Clifton and Milly Milly estates, near Young, where, in addition to a merino stud, he established a high-class pure Shropshire flock.
    Mr. Oakden occupied in his time many important official positions in the pastoral world. He was president of the Sheep-breeders' Association, and had been a member of the council of the Pastoralists' Union of New South Wales from its formation, and was president last year. For many years he was president of the Cobar Pastoral and Agricultural Association, of which, with his partners, he was one of the founders, and of the Cobar Crown Tenants' Association, and in addition acted for a long term as chairman of the local Pastures Board and of the Sheep and Stock Protection Board. His knowledge on pastoral matters was always in request, and his services as a judge at shows were much sought after.
    He was chairman of directors of the Occidental Gold Mining Company. He leaves a widow, and two brothers, Mr Morduant Oakden of Warriana, Wee Waa, and Mr Percy Oakden, architect, of Collins Street, Melbourne.
    Appreciate in notices of his career appeared in the city newspapers, his demise being recognised as a distinct loss in pastoral circles.
    The remains were laid at rest in the Methodist portion of the Cobar cemetery. The coffin was of beautiful polished cedar. Rev. Mr. Williams officiated at the graveside.10


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