George Davidson

M, #10983, b. 1872, d. 1945
Birth*1872 Bealiba, VIC, Australia, #B14052 [par David DAVIDSON & Hellen FORREST].1 
Marriage*1904 Spouse: Alice Margaret Graves. VIC, Australia, #M7613.2
Death*1945 Corryong, VIC, Australia, #D20259 (Age 73.)3 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1913Homewood, Ascot Vale Road, Moonee Ponds, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: grain merchant. With Alice Margaret Davidson.4
bt 1916 - 1918Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: farmer. With Alice Margaret Davidson.5,6,7
1919165 Miller Street, Fitzroy North, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: carrier. With Alice Margaret Davidson.8


  • 30 May 1918: CLEARING SALE Manuka Road, BERWICK. FRIDAY, 7th JUNE THE Gippsland & Northern Co.Operative Selling and Insurance Co. Ltd. Have been instructed by G. Davidson, Esq, to sell the whole of his CATTLE, HORSES, IMPLE MENTS, Etc. consisting of 1 milker 4 forward springers 2 backward springers 5 yearling heifers 15 poddies, all good colors 1 farm mare, 1 mare and 2 yr-old colt; 4 pure Berkshire pigs, ¾ shaft jinker, spring dray, s.f. Tom Thumb disc plow, set harrows, farm roller, spring cart harness, buggy harness winkers, collars, hames, 16 dozen bran bags, 8 dozen corn sacks, Saddle-back suite, oak dining room table. 35 pair pure Leghorn fowls, and a whole host of sundries. As Mr Davidson has sold his property everything is for absolute sale.9


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Alice Margaret Graves

F, #10984, b. 1879, d. 1962
Married NameDavidson. 
Birth*1879 Avoca, VIC, Australia, #B13339 [par William GRAVES & Grace GLENDENNING].1 
Marriage*1904 Spouse: George Davidson. VIC, Australia, #M7613.2
Land-Berwick19 Jun 1918 BER-23 (part). Transfer from Harry Cottell to Alice Margaret Davidson. Containing 27a 23p.3 
Land-Berwick9 Mar 1920 BER-23 (part). Transfer from Alice Margaret Davidson to Edward John Sheean. Containg 27a 23p.4 
Widow1945Alice Margaret Graves became a widow upon the death of her husband George Davidson.5 
Death*1962 Colac, VIC, Australia, #D5894 (Age 84.)5 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1913Homewood, Ascot Vale Road, Moonee Ponds, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: home duties. With George Davidson.6
bt 1916 - 1918Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: home duties. With George Davidson.7,8,9
1919165 Miller Street, Fitzroy North, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: home duties. With George Davidson.10


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Francis Barr

M, #10989, b. 1826, d. 8 Sep 1911
Probate (Will)* 122/631. Francis BARR Date of grant: 16 Nov 1911; Date of death: 08 Sep 1911; Occupation: Farmer; Residence: Berwick.1 
Birth*1826 Yorkshire, England. 
Marriage*10 Apr 1852 Spouse: Elizabeth Smith. Upleatham, Yorkshire, England.2
(Migrant) Migration/Travel6 Aug 1853 Sailing with Elizabeth Barr to Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Ship Asia from Liverpool with wife Elizabeth and their infant son John.3
Widower1903Francis Barr became a widower upon the death of his wife Elizabeth Smith.4 
Death*8 Sep 1911 Cleveland, Narre Warren, VIC, Australia, #D7786/1911 (Age 85) [par John BARR & Unknown].5 
Death-Notice9 Sep 1911BARR.—On the 8th September, at "Cleveland," Narre Warren, Francis Barr, in his 85th year. A colonist of 58 years.
The Friends of the late FRANCIS BARR, Narre Warren, are invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, Harkaway Cemetery.
Funeral will leave his daughter's residence, Narre Warren, at 2 o'clock, THIS DAY (Saturday, 9th September).
JOHN GRANT, Undertaker, Berwick.6 


Elizabeth Smith b. 1831, d. 1903
Child 1.Harry Smith Barr12 b. 1870


  • 8 Aug 1888: SHIRE OF BERWICK. Election of Councillor.—BERWICK RIDING.
    I herby give notice that FRANCIS BARR and JAMES O'DONNELL
    Have been nominated for the Office of Councillor for Berwick Riding. and as the number exceeds the number required a Poll will be held at the Shire Hall, Berwick, on Thursday, August 9th, commencing at Eight o'clock a.m. and closing at Four o'clock in the afternoon.
    JAMES GIBB, Returning Officer. July 31,1888. James O'Donnell7
    The annual municipal elections took place throughout the colony on Thursday last, and inmost instances passed off in a very quiet manner.
    Berwick. In this Shire the following retiring members were returned unopposed: Councillor F. Barr for Berwick Riding, Councillor James Ramage for Pakenham Riding, and Councillor John T. Dobson for Scoresby Riding. In the Beaconsfield Riding the retiring member, Councillor Wm. H. Goff, was opposed by H. H. Hatfield, and the result of the poll was Goff, 145; Hatfield, 91. S. Paternoster was elected auditor. James O'Donnell8
  • 18 Aug 1897: Correspondence. BERWICK RIDING ELECTION. TO THE EDITOR. Sir-It is very much to be regretted that Cr. Barr should resort to such an unworthy method of obtaining support from the ratepayers in this riding, as is exhibited in his address to them in your contemporary's issue of this week. Mr. Curtois has, at various times, been a resident in the district for over twenty years, and has always, during that time, been anxious to assist in every movement for forwading the best interests of the neighborhood. He has had large business experience. He is a distinguished civil engineer and surveyor, and thus his professional knowledge would be especially valuable as a councillor. He is a gentle man of widely acknowledged integrity and conscientiousness. Mr. Barr ! Well, is he afraid of being overshadowed by such qualifications? It seems like it : else why such an utterly undeserved and uncalled for attack as is made in his letter upon his brother councillor, who has expended so much time, labor, and ability, in the interests of the council since he entered it. And to my knowledge Cr. Vieusseux has paid periodical visits of inspection not to one part but to every part of the riding, in order to be acquainted with the requirements of the whole. In the matter of the sanitary scheme, alluded to by Mr. Barr. How could Cr. Vieusseux be brooding over it for twelve months when he has only been nine months a member of the council? And is it not Cr. Barr's own action in constantly delaying attention to this question which has occasioned it's being shelved? As to the arrangements regarding the loan, was not this serious indebtedness incurred with Cr. Barr's approval, long before Cr. Vieusseux's connection with the council? It was Cr. Vieusseux who was selected, on the motion of Cr. Barr, as representa tive for the shire at the Municipal Loan Conference—his abilities as a financier being recognised as specially fitting him for the position—to discuss the best means of alleviating this terrible incubus upon the shire's resources: the council subsequently passing a unanimous vote of thanks to him for his valuable services in connection with this matter, Mr. Barr himself being a supporter of the resolution. So far as I have watched Cr. Vieusseux's career, he has filled the position of coun cillor with conspicuous ability, integrity, judgment, and disinterestedness. And this seems to be the opinion of most of his fellow councillors, for although the chief charge against him is that he has opposed Cr. Barr, yet I have noted that on every occasion of such opposition, Cr. Vieusseux has had the support of the rest of the council and Mr. Barr has been left "in solitary grandeur, alone." And why bring in the subject of Free Trade? What has it to do with this election for the council? If it has any connection with it, we all know that Mr. Barr is an out and out "free trader," and as such, at a recent public meeting, played a far more conspicuous part than Mr. Curtois has ever done. Note this my Protectionist friends. As to where the candidate resides. What does it matter what part of the riding his home is in? Let us have the best man, wherever he lives. I am quite sure from what I know of Mr. Curtois, that, if elected, every part of the riding will enjoy an honest and fair consideration of its interests. Can Mr. Barr explain why the proposed deviation road avoiding Mr. G. Robinson's hill, through Mr. Barr's property, has not been gone on with ? Has Mr. Barr shown any consideration for the ratepayers of Narree Warren, by his conduct in con nection with this needed improvement. I repeat, is Mr. Barr afraid of men of superior ability and probity to himself being in the council? Some such miserably jealous feeling seems to bare inspired his letter—at least so it appears to—yours, &c. RATEPAYER. Willoughby Curtois9
  • 25 Aug 1897: SHIRE OF BERWICK. To the Ratepayers of the Berwick Riding. Ladies and Gentlemen—I beg to annonce to you my intention to offer myself for re-election to the seat in the shire council from which I have now retired by effluxion of time. During my long term as one of your representatives I have always advocated economy and efficiency in all municipal affairs, and I trust my efforts to conserve your interests have gained your confidence sufficiently to warrant me in asking for your support at the approaching election. I am, yours faithfully, FRANCIS BARR.10
  • 14 Sep 1911: Death of Mr. Francis Barr, J.P.
    "Twas at thy door, O friend, and not at mine,
    The angel with the amaranthine wreath,
    Pausing, descended; and with voice divine,
    Whispered a word that had a sound like death.
    "Then fell upon the house a sudden gloom,
    A shadow on those features fair and thin,
    And softly from that hushed and darkened room,
    Two angels issued where but one went in."
    Those of Mr. Francis Barr's friends who had learnt of his serious illness were in a measure prepared to later on hear of his demise, for he had reached the splendid age of 84 years, and after a life the greater part of which was spent in pioneering the deceased gentleman ended "life's fitful fever."
    Mr. Barr, who was a member of the Berwick Road Board and Berwick Shire Council for many years, had a most charming personality, and notwithstanding the grand part he played in the heavy pioneering work in the early days (he was a colonist of over 58 years) he continued to retain those pleasing characteristics which had gained for him the esteem of the ratepayers in public matters, and the cordial friendship of a host of friends in his private life. Mr. Barr devoted a considerable portion of his time to public affairs, and was at all times in the van when men of energy, public spirit and resource were required to advocate the cause of their fellow men. A record of his public career would be in reality a history of the Berwick district, in which he was inseparably bound. He was of a most unassuming nature, as may be judged from the fact that, although nearly 40 years a member of the governing municipal body of Berwick, he could not be prevailed upon to accept the office of president.
    Mr. Barr was a native of Up Leathem, in Yorkshire. In 1864 he became a member of the Berwick Road Board, and in 1878 he joined the Buln Buln Road Board, being a member of both at the same time. For over forty years he was a member of the Berwick Shire Council.
    The subjoined members of deceased's family survive him:—Cr. H. Barr, of Narre Warren; Mrs. John Brown, of Berwick; Mrs. Moysey, of Narre Warren; Mr. Edward Barr, of Moonee Ponds; Mr. Wm. Barr, of Neerim; Mr. Charles Barr, of Neerim; Mr John Barr, of Nyora; Mrs. Cripps of Moonee Ponds; Mrs. Rigg, of Drouin.
    At the Berwick Shire Council meeting on Saturday feeling reference was made to the sad event.
    Cr. Pearson said he understood that several councillors wished to attend the funeral. If so it would be necessary for the Council to adjourn.
    Cr. Beaumont regretted the sad event of which they had been informed. The Council should adjourn out of respect to their old friend and colleague, who had sat at the Council table for many years and had gained the respect of all who knew him.
    Cr. T. Bourke endorsed the President's remarks. Cr. Francis Barr was one of the oldest councillors, and had been a member of the old Road Board many years ago. He (Cr. Bourke) greatly regretted his death. The Council resolved to send a letter of condolence to the late Cr. Barr's family, and then adjourned until 2 o'clock.11


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