Harold Joseland

M, #1082, b. 26 Dec 1905, d. 9 Jan 1906
Father*Harold Bertram Joseland b. Jun 1867, d. 22 Oct 1922
Mother*Ida Graham Taylor b. 1871, d. 26 May 1956
Birth*26 Dec 1905 Paemala, North Sydney, NSW, Australia. 
Birth-Notice*10 Jan 1906JOSELAND.-December 26, 1905, at Paemala, Arthur street, North Sydney, the wife of H. Bertram Joseland, of a son.1 
Death*9 Jan 1906 Paemala, North Sydney, NSW, Australia. 
Death-Notice*10 Jan 1906JOSELAND.-January 9, 1906, at Paemala, Arthur street, North Sydney, Harold Joseland, infant son of H. Bertram Joseland.1 


  1. [S17] Newspaper - The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW), 10 Jan 1906, p8.
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Henry Snell

M, #1099, b. Dec 1838, d. 14 Jan 1910

Upper Beaconsfield

Henry Snell was the first person to build a house in Upper Beaconsfield. He had a lease and due to become insolvent had to sell the selection. William Brisbane bought it at auction.
Birth*Dec 1838 St Thomas, Devon, England, Dec Q [St Thomas] 10 200 (mother SKINNER.)1 
Marriage*1859 Spouse: Rebecca Sarah Kibble. VIC, Australia, #M2432.2
Land-UBeac*23 Jul 1874Henry Snell selected land from the Crown. GEM-D-1A / PAK-60. 19th Section Block of Mr. Henry Snell. Upset price, £1 per acre. Charge for survey, £16. Area, 320a. Allotment 1. Valuation, £241 9s 6d.3 
Land-UBeac*5 Oct 1876 GEM-D-1A / PAK-60. Transfer from Henry Snell to William Brisbane. 318a 0r 32p - Crown Land sale advertised 19 Apr 1876 (valued at £241 9s) & 5 Sep 1876 (valued at £268). Crown grant to W BRISBANE on 5 Oct 1876.3 
Widower12 Mar 1889Henry Snell became a widower upon the death of his wife Rebecca Sarah Kibble.4 
Marriage*1890 Spouse: Margaret Jane Brown. VIC, Australia, #M4642.5
Death*14 Jan 1910 Beaconsfield, VIC, Australia, #D549 (Age 71) [par George SNELL & Harriett SKINNER].6 
Death-Notice*18 Jan 1910SNELL.—On the 14th January, at his residence, Woods-street, Beaconsfield, Henry Snell, aged 71 years. (Interred Berwick, 15th.)7 


  • Plot 4-035-A & B, Berwick Cemetery, Berwick, VIC, Australia8


  • 16 Aug 1871: A destructive fire occurred shortly after 6 o'clock last evening at the premises occupied by Mr. Henry Snell, draper, at 99 Drummond-street, North Carlton. The shop was a single-storied double one, a large archway in the brick dividing wall allowing passage between the two portions of the shop. The fire was apparently caused by ono of the gaslights igniting some of the drapery in the window, where it was first observed, and Mr. Snell endeavoured, with the assistance of his shopmen, to extinguish the flames, but only succeeded in badly burning his hands, and the fire rapidly spread over the whole shop. The Melbourne Fire Brigade, observing the glare, hastened to the spot, but in consequence of the stock being of a very inflammable nature, the premises were gutted before they arrived. Valuable assistance was, however, rendered by Sergeant Doyle and some police from the Carlton station, in keeping back the crowd. Mr. Snell's stock was insured to the extent of £2,500, and his loss is estimated at considerably over that amount. The premises belonged to Mr. John Earle, and were insured for £700. From the distance of the locality of the above conflagration from any fire brigade station a local brigade is much required. The matter was mooted by Mr Curtain in the City Council some time ago, but nothing seems to have been done.9
  • 8 Sep 1871: 8 Sep 1871 - Insolvency Notice p1519
    26 Apr 1872 Insolvency Court p848
    30 Aug 1872 Insolvency Court p1647
    28 May 1875 Insolvencies p1060
    18 Jun 1875 Insolvency Notices p1214
    1 Oct 1875 Insolvency Notices p1889
    19 May 1876 Insolvency Notices p991
    22 Sep 1876 Insolvency Notices p178610
  • 24 May 1875: NEW INSOLVENTS. Henry Snell, of Carlton, draper. Causes of insolvency-Falling off in business, depreciation in value of stock, and losses by bad debts. Liabilities, £6,106 1s. 7d; assets, £3,284 3s. 8d. : deficiency, £2,821 17s. 11d. Mr. Cohen, assignee.11
  • 2 Jul 1875: INSOLVENT COURT. MONDAY, JUNE 28. (Before his Honour Judge Noel.)
    MR. HENRY SNELL. An examination was held in the estate, of Henry Snell, of Drummond-street, Carlton, draper, Mr. Farmer appearing for the trustee, and Mr. Goodwin for the insolvent.
    Henry Snell, the insolvent, examined, said he commenced business in February, 1868. In 1871 his estate was placed in liquidation, and was discharged on the 6th November, 1871. From that time he carried on business at the same place as before. In November, 1871, he had £580 worth of salvage stock, and about £1,600 worth of debts due to him. He repurchased from the trustee those debts and the stock, and some furniture, for about £3,500. Had no capital at all when he began again in November, 1871. After then, was first in difficulties about 16 months ago-that was, he had occasionally to renew an acceptance. In July, 1874 he took stock, and presented a rough statement of it to some creditors which showed £1,043 surplus. In October last he obtained an extension of time from creditors. When he filed his schedule it showed a deficiency of £2,831. He then adopted the valuation of his stock made on behalf of his creditors. Had no book which showed the moneys he had received and paid away in business. Nothing but his bank book showed the moneys paid away. He had selected land at Berwick, on the Gipps Land road, and had laid out about £220 on it. Had a horse and waggon and furniture now on the land. The money for the expenditure on the land came from the sale of his wife's jewellery and furniture, and a small portion of it out of his business. There was a piano at Berwick now which his wife bought with money that he allowed her for her assistance in the shop. About £130 of the money for the Berwick property came out of the drapery business. He had not refused to assist the trustee in realising the improvements on the land. Oldfield and Lindley sold him some timber to go to Berwick, and in his absence Mrs. Lindley and Mrs. Oldfield obtained at his shop about £20 worth of goods, to square accounts. Oldfield and Lindley had then had notice of the meeting of his creditors.
    The examination was adjourned to the 21st July.12
  • 24 Jul 1875: WEDNESDAY, JULY 21. (Before bis Honour Judge Noel.) RE HENRY SNELL. An examination sitting was held in the estate of Henry Snell, of Carlton, draper, Mr Farmer appeared for the trustee, and Mr Godwin for the insolvent. It appeared that accounts which had been ordered had only been filed that day and Mr Farmer asked for an adjournment for a fortnight, so that time should be afforded to examine the accounts. The application was granted.13
  • 7 Apr 1876: SALE (No. 4281) of CROWN LANDS In fee simple, at the auction-rooms of Mr. G. Walstab 69 Queen street, Melbourne, on Wednesday, the 19th day of April, 1876, at 1 o'clock p.m.
    The charge for survey must be paid at time of sale.
    Parish of Gembrook, county of Mornington, 19th Section Block of Mr. Henry Snell. Upset price, £1 per acre. Charge for survey, £16. Area, 320a. Allotment 1. Valuation, £241 9s 6d.14
  • 10 Jun 1876: IN RE HENRY SNELL. Henry Snell, of Carlton, draper, applied for an unconditional certificate and the dispensation of the condition under which he would be required to pay the balance of 7s. in the £ he having paid 5s. 1d.
    Mr. Godfrey appeared for insolvent, and Mr. Farmer opposed on behalf of Messrs. Sargood and Son.
    His HONOUR reserved judgment. The Court then adjourned.15
  • 28 Aug 1876: SALE (No. 4444) of CROWN LANDS to fee-simple on 5th September 1876.
    Parish of Gembrook, county of Mornington, 19th Section Block of Mr. Henry Snell. Upset price, £1 per acre. Charge for survey, £16. Area, 320a. Allotment 1. Valuation, £268.16
  • 4 Sep 1876: Government Notices. SALE (No, 4444) of CROWN LANDS in fee simple, at the auction rooms of Messrs. John Buchan and Co., Queen-street, Melbourne, on Tuesday, the 6th day of September, 1876, at two o'clock p.m.
    COUNTRY LOTS. Parish of Gembrook, county of Mominston, 19th section block of Mr Henry Snell. Upset price, £1 per acre. Charge for survey, £16 Area. 320 a. Allotment 1, Valuation, £263.
    Charge for survey must be paid at the time of sale.
    Plans and information can be obtained at the Crown Lands Office, Melbourne.
    D. GILLIES. Commissioner of Crown Lands and Survey.17
  • 3 Nov 1881: NEW INSOLVENT. Henry Snell, of Elgin-street, Carlton, draper. Causes of insolvency-Depreciation in stock, falling-off in business, and sickness in family. Liabilities, £864 9s. 11d; assets, £87 1s. 1d; deficiency, £777 8s. 10d. Mr. Jacomb, assignee.18
  • 8 Aug 1935: One of the oldest houses an the district has just been demolished. This was the property of Judge Bevan, and was erected by the late Mr. Snell, in 1873, when he owned the property, and was used by him as a holiday home. By a peculiar coincidence it was demolished by a grandson of one of the first residents of the district.19


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Rebecca Sarah Kibble

F, #1100, b. 19 Jan 1836, d. 12 Mar 1889
Married NameSnell. 
Birth*19 Jan 1836 Launceston, TAS, Australia, #B7126.1 
Marriage*1859 Spouse: Henry Snell. VIC, Australia, #M2432.2
Death*12 Mar 1889 Wood street, Beaconsfield, VIC, Australia, #D581 (Age 52) [par James KIBBLE & Rebecca L STEVENS].3 
Death-Notice*13 Mar 1889SNELL.—On the 12th inst., at her residence, Wood-street, Beaconsfield, Rebecca Sarah, the beloved wife of Henry Snell, 2 Portland-place north, South Yarra, and daughter of the late Jas. Kibble, of Hartley Station, Western district, Victoria. Queensland and South Australian papers please copy.
THE Friends of Mr. HENRY SNELL, of No. 2 Portland-place north, South Yarra, are most respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late beloved wife to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to move from Prince's-bridge Railway Station at half-past 2 o'clock THIS DAY (Wednesday, the 13th).4 


  • Church of England Section Q 392/393, Melbourne General Cemetery, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, Sacred to the memory of
    the beloved children of Henry and Rebecca SNELL
    George Palmer born 4 Mar 1860 died 28 Mar 1860
    Maud Mary born 23 Jul 1863 died 14 Aug 1869
    Lilian Kate born 24 Jun 1868 died 13 Nov 1869
    Edwin Woodstock born 25 Sep 1869 died 6 May 1870
    "Around the throne of God in heaven
    thousands of children stand
    Children whose sins are all forgiven
    a Holy happy band Singing Glory Glory Glory"
    also their grandfather James KIBBLE died 11 Aug 1884 at South Yarra
    and their mother Rebecca Sarah SNELL died 12 Mar 1889 at Beaconsfield
    "In sure and certain hope of the resurrection and everlasting life."5


  • 12 Aug 1884: KIBBLE. -On the 11th inst, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Henry Snell, Portland place, South Yarra, Mr James Kibble, builder and contractor, formerly of Castlemaine aged 78. He arrived at Hobart Tasmania, in the ship Othello, A D 1834 and has subsequently been a Victorian colonist of 40 years standing. Queensland and South Australian papers please copy.
    The Friends of the late Mr JAMES KIBBLE (builder and contractor formerly of Castlemaine) are most respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting place, the Melbourne General Cemetery).
    The funeral is appointed to move from the residence of his daughter, Mrs Henry Snell, Portland place north, South Yarra, THIS DAY (Tuesday, the 12th), at half past 2 o'clock punctually.
    WILLIAM GEORGE APPS, undertaker, Fitzroy and Moor streets, Fitzroy, and Robe street, St. Kilda.6


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Some family sections show only the children who were associated with Upper Beaconsfield.

Some individuals may be featured because members of their family were associated with the Upper Beaconsfield area, even though they themselves never lived here.