Charles Mulso Compigne Chase

M, #11171, b. 21 Jan 1888, d. 1951
Father*Charles Lloyd Purvis Chase b. 15 May 1854, d. 23 Mar 1898
Mother*Fanny Emily Ker b. 1858, d. 12 Oct 1927
Birth*21 Jan 1888 Fitzroy South, VIC, Australia, #B26075.1 
Birth-Notice*23 Jan 1888 CHASE.—On the 21st inst., at 98 Nicholson-street, Fitzroy, the wife of C. L. Purvis Chase of a son.2 
Land-UBeac*29 Nov 1913 PAK-74 LP5014 731728. Transfer from Henry Maxwell Browne, George Wilson Martin, Edmund Thomas Luke to Charles Mulso Compigne Chase. Part Lot 3.3 
Death*1951 Skipton, VIC, Australia, #D17397 (Age 63.)4 
Land-Note*9 Feb 1979 PAK-74 LP5014 731728. Compulsory acquisition H402618 - C/T 9377-650.5 


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George Eyre Giderson

M, #11178, b. 1845, d. 6 May 1910
George Eyre GIDERSON
Birth*1845 Essex, England. 
Marriage*4 Mar 1873 Spouse: Fanny Harriett Walker. St Stephen's Church, Richmond, VIC, Australia, #M182.1
Marriage-Notice*7 Mar 1873 GIDERSON—WALKER.—On the 4th inst., at St. Stephen's Church, Richmond, by the Rev. Charles Perks, Incumbent, George Eyre Giderson, Esq., to Fanny Harriett, second daughter of the late Charles John Walker, Esq., Launceston, Tasmania.2 
Land-UBeac*20 Sep 1884Selection: GEM-E-16. Resided on his selection in a tent for about one month, but because he was not able to attend to cultivation of land wished to transfer his lease in 1888.3 
Death*6 May 1910 St Kilda, VIC, Australia, #D7188 (Age 65) [par unknown].4 
Death-Notice*14 May 1910 GIDERSON. — On the 6th May, at his residence, 107 Grey-street, St. Kilda, George Eyre, dearly loved husband of Fanny Harriott Giderson, and beloved father of H. L., S. E., and E. K. Giderson, aged 65 years; late of the Victorian Government service. (lnterred privately 8th inst.)5 


  • 24 Sep 1892: OUR GALLERY OF PORTRAITS. No. 238. SKETCHES OF PROMINENT LOCAL MEN. A Very Civil Civil Servant. The Chairman of the Prahran Board of Advice. Mr. George Eyre Giderson.
    It has been a pleasant task with us from time to time to present to our readers among the portraits of our public men those of many gentlemen who have been or are fulfilling important functions in connection with our educational system as members of the Boards of Advice ; and to-day we include in our gallery that of Mr. George Eyre Giderson, the chairman of the Prahran board, a gentleman, who coming forward as an old and valued officer of the Civil Service, gives to that body the solid advantages of a trained education and matured judgment.
    The subject of our sketch arrived in the colony in the early part of 1859, and being then but a youth spent a year or two of his early residence in Melbourne in the improvement of his education, in which he had the advantage of free access to the Parliamentary library through the influence of the late Mr. W. C. Weekes and Mr. B. G. Davics. M's.P. On the advice of those friends, and following the bent of his natural tastes, he became connected with an engineering firm in Ballarat in 1861, and in September of the following year he was appointed by the late Mr. Thos. Higinbotham to the engineering branch of the railway department at Williamstown; but owing to delicate health he subsequently obtained a transfer to the accountants' branch where he has since filled many important positions, having now completed his thirtieth year in the service. During this long series of years Mr. Giderson has given a very considerable portion of his time to educational purposes, and in the pursuit of his studies has derived much advantage from intimate association with such gentlemen be the late John Julius Stutzer, of the Australasian, and Mr. G. H. Neighbour, the eminent barrister. He is therefore one whose ripened know ledge well qualifies him for the onerous duties of chairman of a board which is so closely identified with the welfare of the young, and an integral part of our State system of education. Mr. Giderson has been long identified with this district, being a resident of 20 years, and here therefore his family have grown up around him, and promise to develop into useful citizens. It will be remembered that it was a son of Mr. Giderson who last Christmas carried off one of the prizes offered by the proprietors of this journal for a story of the Arctic regions, against a host of competitors.6
  • 18 Nov 1893: MR. GEORGE EYRE GIDERSON.
    Mr. George E. Giderson arrived in Victoria in the year 1859, and finished his education in Melbourne. In 1861 he entered an engineering business at Bal larat, and in September of the following year he was appointed to the engineering branch of the Railway Department. His health proving delicate he was transferred to the accountants' branch of the depart ment, where he still remains. He is a very old resident of South Yarra and was appointed a member of tbe board last year. A fuller, sketch appeared on September 24, 1892.7


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Mildred Richards

F, #11187, b. 8 Jul 1885, d. 25 Apr 1961
Father*William James Richards b. 1839, d. 23 Jan 1899
Mother*Margaret Letitia Cross b. 1854, d. 11 Aug 1926
Married NameMincham.1 
Birth*8 Jul 1885 Australia.2 
Education*Jul 1892 Upper Beaconsfield. Attended State School 2560 - age at admission 6y 11m.3 
Marriage*1910 Spouse: Edwin Robert Mincham. Dundas, WA, Australia, #M1.1
Death*25 Apr 1961 Swan, WA, Australia, #D52 (Age 75) [par William C & Letitia] - as Mildred Mincham.1 


  • 3 Jun 1896: Berwick Police Court, Wednesday, May 27. Before Mr Creswell, P.M., and Mr James Wilson, J.P.
    T. C. Mackley, of Upper Beaconsfield, summoned a lot of children to answer for threatening language and general bad behavior. The first case was against Milly Richards for threatening language, and the next cases were for damaging property, the defendants being Milly, and her brother and sister Paddy and Janie Richards.
    Mr Coburn appeared for Mr Mackley and explained to the Court that these children were deliberately set upon by their mother to systematically annoy the Mackley family, and that Mr Mackley having stood it as long as possible now found it absolutely necessary to seek the protection of the Court.
    Mrs Richards, the mother of these children, appeared and took a prominent part in the proceedings, shewing at times a fair acquaintance with police court procedure but ultimately it was found impossible to get on with the evidence while she was present, and she was on the order of the Chairman expelled from the Court, when things again went smoothly.
    After a lot of evidence had been taken Mr Cresswell stated that the Bench were satisfied of the justice of Mr Mackley's complaint. He was very averse to sending these children to the Industrial Schools, and this seemed to be the only course open to the Court.
    Mr Coburn suggested that the Court should order sureties to be found for their good behavior, and thus the mother might be reached and made to feel that she must cease these annoyances.
    Mrs Richards was then called into Court and asked if she would become surety for their good behavior, and she declined. Mr Coburn then asked that a small fine might be inflicted, and costs awarded, as this would probably have to be paid by Mrs Richards, who was the person really complained against. All the defendants were thereupon fined 5s on each charge, and 24s costs. Thomas Cole Mackley, Margaret Letitia Richards, Alexander Henry 'Paddy' Richards, Jeannie Curtis Richards4
    The Chief Justice, Sir Robert McMillan, presided in the Divorce Court to-day. Among the cases dealt with was that of Mildred Mincham, who sought a divorce from Edwin Robert Mincham on the grounds of habitual drunkenness and habitual cruelty.
    The petitioner said that she married Mincham at Norseman in 1910 and had two children. Her husband was an engine-driver, black smith and miner and past master of the Freemason's lodge. Shortly after the marriage Mincham began drinking. Once he came home drunk with a loaded double bar relled gun and chased her around the, house, threatening to kill her, until she wrested the weapon from him. On another occasion he took her by the throat and raised a big butcher's knife, but she took it from him. Another day he pulled a revolver out of his pocket and put the barrel to her breast. Again she wrested the weapon from him. Finally in December, 1928, she left him.
    His Honour adjourned the case to allow the petitioner, to bring further evidence to show that her husband had been habitually drunk.
    Petitioner (feelingly): "I am not going to return to him to be shot."5
  • 12 Jul 1930: DIVORCE COURT. 'Habitual Drunkenness.' On the grounds of habitual drunkenness and cruelty, Mildred Mincham, of Norseman, was granted a decree nisi for divorce from Edwin Robert Mincham by the Chief Justice (Sir Robert McMillan) in the Divorce Court yesterday. Mr. C. B. Gibson appeared for petitioner. His Honour said he had adjourned the case to have further evidence given in proof of habitual drunkenness. Having considered the matter, he did not think it was necessary to prove habitual drunkenness up to the date of the petition. In a judgment he had given in 1912, which was affirmed by the Full Court, he had held that the four years of habitual drunkenness must be continuous, but it was not necessary that it should immediately precede the presentation of the petition. He had said then that the Act contains no definition of habitual drunkenness, and he thought the Legislature wisely left it to the proper tribunal to say whether a person charged with habitual drunkenness was guilty of the offence within the ordinary meaning of the words.6


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