Mary Rose Leary

F, #11524, b. Sep 1856, d. 5 Jun 1932
Father*Joseph Leary b. 7 Oct 1831, d. 20 Oct 1881
Mother*Catherine A Keighran b. 1832, d. 1 Aug 1915
Probate (Will) 252/950. Mary R MEREWETHER Date of grant: 22 Dec 1932; Date of death: 05 Jun 1932; Occupation: Widow.1 
Married NameMerewether. 
Related* Caroline Mercy Alice Moon Alice Moon and Mary Rose Merewether were friends, and Alice was staying with the Merewethers when she died. 
Birth*Sep 1856 Camden, NSW, Australia, #B4064 [par Joseph LEARY & Kate].2 
Birth-Notice*9 Sep 1856 At the residence of her father, Mr. Keighran, Campbelltown, Mrs. Joseph Leary, of a daughter.3 
Marriage*25 Nov 1879 Spouse: Walton Lockyer Merewether. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.
Marriage-Notice*1 Dec 1879 MEREWETHER—LEARY.—November 25, at the Presbytery, Campbelltown, by the Very Rev. Monsignor Lynch, Walter Lockyer Merewether, barrister-at-law, to Mary, eldest daughter of Joseph Leary, Esq., M.L.A.4 
Probate (Will)*16 Jun 1894 Mary Rose Merewether was the principal beneficiary of Alice Moon's will, though the value of the estate was much lower than anticipated under £45. The will suggested that her estate would have been much larger.5 
Widow23 Nov 1912Mary Rose Leary became a widow upon the death of her husband Walton Lockyer Merewether
Death*5 Jun 1932 294 Jersey Road, Woollahra, NSW, Australia, #D9980 [par Joseph & Catherine].2 
Death-Notice6 Jun 1932 MEREWETHER.—June 5, at Lynton, 294 Jersey road, Woollahra, Mary, widow of Walton Lockyer Merewether, and eldest daughter of the late Joseph Leary. R.I P.6 
Death-Notice*7 Jun 1932 MEREWETHER.—A REQUIEM MASS for the repose of the soul of the late MARY ROSE MEREWETHER, Jersey road Woollahra will be celebrated at St Joseph's Church Woollahra THIS (Tuesday) MORNING at 9.30. The Funeral will leave the Church immediately after Mass for South Head Cemetery
W N BULL, Funeral Director.7 
Probate (Will)*23 Mar 1933 MEREWETHER Mary Rose of Woollahra New South Wales Australia widow died 5 June 1932 Probate Sydney to the Public Trustee of New South Wales. Effects £1233 13s. in England. Sealed London 23 March.8 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
189888 Chelsea Gardens, St Geo Hanover Square, London, England9


  • 1 Mar 1882: MEREWETHER.—February 28, at Lurlie, Double Bay, Mrs. Walton Merewether, of a son.10
  • 17 Mar 1885: MEREWETHER.—March 11, at Lurlie, Double Bay, Mrs.Walton Merewether, of a daughter.11
  • 24 Dec 1892: It argues a great enthusiasm for politics amongst the ladies of Sydney for the ladies' gallery to look as animated as it did on Wednesday and Thursday during the debate on the motion of censure. For really it is much easier to read the debate at breakfast next morning, with the grammar set straight and the h's in their right places, than to sit in a hot gallery and crane down to see Sir George Dibbs endangering the life and property of everyone and everything within reach, and to watch members such as Mr. Walker apparently speaking at the imminent risk of apoplexy. On Wednesday the gallery was packed both in the afternoon and evening, amongst its occupants being Mrs. F. B. Suttor and her daughter, Miss Louisa Macdonald and her sister, Dr. Macdonald, Miss Shaw, Mrs. Merewether and Miss Moon, besides many others who were packed away in the back seats where they could only hear and not see. Quite late in the evening the arrival of Mrs. Burdekin and Mrs. Pilcher, with their daughters, in evening dress, lent a touch of fashion to the gallery in which, hitherto, an air of intellect rather than style had obtained, quite throwing the other occupants, in their morning dress, into the shade. All the same, it was an example that might well be followed, for morning dress by gas light is distinctly unbecoming, and as the authorities here are more enlightened than in London, where the ladies are cooped behind a grating, the least they might do in return is to look nice. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon12
  • 10 Jan 1893: A LADY'S LETTER FROM SYDNEY. [By Parthenope.]
    It was certainly not the women of Sydney who said—
    Politics we bar
    They are not our bent ;
    On the whole we are
    Not intelligent,
    As witness the crowded ladies' gallery during the recent debate on the motion of censure. It was not enough for them to read the debate in the paper next morning ; they wanted to see the speakers and witness the exact degree of enthusiasm exhibited by each, and to enjoy 'English as she is spoke' in the House, and not as varnished by kindly reporters. Amongst the animated throng upstairs were Mrs. and Miss Burdekin, Mrs. and Miss Pilcher, Miss Louisa Macdonald and her sister, Dr Macdonald, Mrs Meretheller, Miss Shaw, Miss Moon, Mrs. Suttor, etc. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon13
  • 12 Aug 1893: On July 31 Mrs. Curnow, at her residence, Clifton, gave a reception to "meet Mrs. Cooper Oakley." It was a terrible night, but that did not affect the attendance. The rooms were delightfully decorated with flowers, and among the company were Sir William and Lady Windeyer, Mrs. Josephson, Dr. and Mrs. Thring, Dr. and Miss O'Neill, Mrs. Walton Merewether and Miss A. C. Moon, and Mr. and Mrs. Isaacs. Mrs. Cooper-Oakley sailed from Sydney on August 7 on board the steamer Alameda bound for San Francisco, via New Zealand. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon14
  • 19 Aug 1893: Dr. Frances Dick, who, accompanied by Miss Josephson, shortly proceeds to Europe, gave a farewell luncheon to several of her friends at Glengarrah, the residence of Mr. T. H. Kelly, her brother-in-law. The company included Miss L. Macdonald, Miss Dickinson, Mrs. Walton Merewether, Mrs. Louis Haigh, Mrs. Hanbury Davies, Mrs. Spong, Dr. Iza Coghlan, Miss Moon, and Miss Josephson. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon15
  • 19 Aug 1893: On Wednesday Mrs. Butterworth held an "at home" at her charming residence in Double Bay for the purpose of showing her friends the exquisite miniatures and specimens of woodcarving she is sending to the Art Society's Exhibition. Miss Clara Leary sang some charming numbers for the entertainment of Mrs. Butterworth's guests, among whom we noticed Lady and Miss Salomons, Mrs James Fairfax, Mrs. G. F. Fairfax, Miss Macdonald, Mr. and Miss Jackson, Mrs. Herbert Harris, Mrs. Chipman, Mrs. Merewether and Miss Moon, and Mrs. E. Simpson. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon16
  • 25 Nov 1893: The Sydney Quintet Society played Bach's concerto, Grieg's charmingly original quartet, and many other delightful items before a large and fashionable audience on Tuesday evening. The Y.M.C.A.-hall was crowded in every part, and the excellence of the programme excited warm recognition. Mme. Charbonnet-Kellerman, wearing a becoming cerise satin gown, played with her usual charm of manner, and Miss Britton, B.A., dressed in a simple white toilet, received many compliments for her clever performance in Bach's concerto. Mme. Aengenheyster was the vocalist on this occasion, but a severe cold prevented her from doing justice to her selections. Among the audience we noticed the Misses Bowden-Smith, Miss Clara Manning, M. and Mme. Biard d'Aunet, Sir Patrick Jennings, Dr. and Miss Macdonagh, Mrs. Walton Merewether, aud Miss Moon, Mrs. Brown-Lane, Mrs. Chamier, Mrs. Warden-Graves, Mrs. Hanbury Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Chard, Mr. and Mrs. Horrocks, Mrs. Hooton Smith, Mr. Ward, Mr. Allard, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Flood, Consul-General Pelldram, Miss Robertson, Miss Webster. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon17
  • 27 Jan 1894: The week's carnival terminated on Saturday by a polo match on the pretty recreation grounds at Burradoo. Visitors and Members drove up in large numbers, and soon a brilliant throng promenaded the well-kept lawn, or sat in groups before the pavilion, chatting together, or watching the game. Under a picturesque little tent, Mrs. Herbert Harris, who was hostess for the occasion, disponscd delicious tea, with the usual accompanying dainties, and a little further on, tennis was being played on the floral-framed asphalt courts. Perfectly royal weather accompanied a scene truly Australian, and the really attractive costumes worn by the ladies gave an additional charm to the gathering. His Excellency the Governor, accompanied by his four daughters and Miss Sylvia Darley, was present, with Captain the Hon. Rupert Leigh and Captain Baird in attendance. There were also Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Loughnan, and Miss M'Lean, Mrs. Merewether, and Miss Moon, Mrs. T. Simpson and Miss de Lauret, Mr. and Mrs. Lane Campbell, Mrs. Rich, Mr. and Mrs. and the Misses Toohey, Mr. and Mrs. Scroggie, Miss Isabel Fraser, Miss Clare Leary, Mrs. Inskip, Miss Fairfax, Mr. and Mrs. Chipman, Dr. and Mrs. Murray Oram, Dr. and Mrs. Twynam, Mr. and Mrs. Prendergast, Mr. Bruce Smith, Mr, Lee Pullin, Mr. Browning, Mr. Bayly Macarthurar, Mr. Morris, etc. The committee must be complimented on the gaining popularity of their club, and as each meeting gains a fresh supply of supporters, it is to be hoped that ere long all the residents of the district will follow the example of his Excellency the Governor and enroll their names as members. To the members, of the race club hearty congratulations must also be tendered, upon the very excellent arrangements made by them for the various entertainments of the week. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon18
  • 14 Apr 1894: The Rosehill races will be a very fashionable meeting to-day. Exceilent arrangements have been made in connection with the trains, and we hear that a very smart launch party has been organised to go up the river. In regard to the social functions of the week, the honor of originality falls to Professor Haswell, who last Saturday invited some friends to join his launch party for dredging. The weather was perfect, and the excitement, of a regatta gave an additional charm to the beauty of the surroundings. A halt was made in Middle Harbor for luncheon on board and a ramble on shore. Dredging was carried on at various points, and the outing was thoroughly enjoyable. Professor Haswell included among his guests Professor and Mrs. Macmillan, Professor and Mrs. David, Mr. and Mrs. Walton Merewether, Dr. and Mrs. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Bioxame, Miss Faithful and Miss Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Merivale, Mr. and Mrs Hanbury Davies, Mr. and Mrs. Butterworth, Miss A.C.Moon, Mr.Grimshaw, Miss Wallis, Mr. Llift, M. Hill, and Mr and Mrs. Fesq. Caroline Mercy Alice Moon19
  • 17 Jun 1932: IN THE SUPREME COURT OF NEW SOUTH WALES Probate Jurisdiction -In the Will and three Codicils of MARY ROSE MEREWETHER late of Woollahra in the State of New South Wales Widow deceased. Application will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof, that Probate of the Will and three Codicils of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to the PUBLIC TRUSTEE the solo Executor named there in and nil persons having claims against the Estate of the said deceased must render the same in detail to the undersigned on or before the first day of July 1932. E J PAYNE. Public Trustee St James Buildings 109 Elizabeth street, Sydney. HUGHES HUGHES and GARVIN, Proctors for the Executor 16 Barrack street Sydney.20


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    - bequeaths all estate and interest in property known as Viney's Hotel Falmouth Tasmania to Mary Rose Merewether of Sydney, and any sum due to her by Mary Rose or Walter Lockyer Merewether in respect of her interest in that hotel.
    - £1000 or same amount in shares/stocks held by me to Florence Agnes, wife of Erskine James Rainey Parker of Tasmania Squatter (in codicil changed to all shares held by me in Tasmania Silver Mining Co
    - Residue to Josephine Julia Anna McCormick of "The Steyne" Abbotsford Spinster
    - Appointed George Peter Mills of Melbourne and Robert Alex Vaughan Rae of Melbourne Merchant as Executors - they renounced probate
    - In Codicil 15 Nov 1892 Alice revoked the bequest of £1000 to Florence Agnes Parker, but bequeathed her instead her shares in Tasmanian Silver Mining Companies.
    - Bequeathed to Josephine Julia McCormick her reversionary interest in marriage settlement of her late sister Grace Ethel Hall
    - to Mary Rose Merewether all her personal effects at "Lurlie", incl clothing, jewellery, books, pictures, papers and my boat "the Lark"
    The Probate was valued at under £45 (16 June 1894).
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Walton Lockyer Merewether

M, #11525, b. 1847, d. 23 Nov 1912
Education*7 Jun 1865 Merewether, Walton Lockyer, 2s. Henry Alworth, of London, arm. Christ Church, matric. 7 June, 1865, aged 18 ; B.A. 1870, bar.-at-law, Inner Temple, 1871. See Foster's Men at the Bar & Eton School Lists.1 
Marriage*25 Nov 1879 Spouse: Mary Rose Leary. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia.
Marriage-Notice*1 Dec 1879 MEREWETHER—LEARY.—November 25, at the Presbytery, Campbelltown, by the Very Rev. Monsignor Lynch, Walter Lockyer Merewether, barrister-at-law, to Mary, eldest daughter of Joseph Leary, Esq., M.L.A.2 
Death*23 Nov 1912 Woollahra, NSW, Australia. 
Death-Notice*25 Nov 1912 MEREWETHER.—November 23, at his residence, Lurlie, William-street, Double Bay, Walton L. Merewether, barrister-at-law, aged 66. Second son of the late Henry Alworth Merewether, Q.C., of Bowden Hill, Chippenham, Wilts., England. R.I.P.3 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
30 Mar 1851Henry A MEREWETHER, 25 Charter Square, Westminster, London, EnglandAge 4. In the household are his parents and 4 siblings, a governess and 7 servants4
7 Apr 1861Maria MEREWETHER - Barrister's Wife, Bowden Hill House, Bowden Hill, Lacock, Wiltshire, EnglandAge 14 - Scholar (born London). In the household was his mother Maria, two siblings, a governess and 8 servants.5


    Yesterday afternoon many members of the Bar met at the Oxford Hotel to make a presentation to Mr. Walton Lockyer Merewether, who has retired from the public service. Mr. Merewether was for 27 years Crown Prosecutor in Sydney. Of late he has been with Judge Rogers on the south-western circuit. The arrangements for the ceremony yesterday were made by Mr. John Gonsalves, of the Crown Law Department, hon. sec, of the presentation committee.
    The presentation : took 't lio; form of 'an illu«
    mlriatoil address una u silver-mounted table
    ornariient' with inkstand; -. The address was
    designed and exccutod .-by Jolin Sands and
    Co., Georgo-strcct. - Attached are- tho slgna-
    turos of 66 members pf .the Bar, -Including
    several K.C.'h - (
    A letter from the Departriient of Justice
    was read, In which the Premier, In his capa-
    city asAttorncy-Gcncral,cxprcsscd-rcgret that
    falling health should have caused Mr. Mere.
    wether's retirement. On behalf , of tho Go
    vernment the Attorney-General thanked Mr,
    Morewctlior for "tho long arid loyal servlcet
    ho .hnd roridorod to the State."
    Letters from Judge Backhouse and Jud;t
    Murray Were. also read. There woro referen
    ces In both letters to "long years of pleasant
    Among the gentlemen present were:— Mr.
    Hugh Pollock (Crown Prosecutor), Mr. Rnl.
    ston. K.C;, and Messrs, Kclynack, Lmnb,
    Wlndoyer, W. Coyle, Bavin, Piekburn, Pld.
    dingtoii, Blnckot, AVhltfeld, Thomson, Mack,
    and H. P. Curtis.
    Mr. Ralston, K.C.. In making the presents,
    tlon. assured "their dear old friend"
    ho would take with him Into Jils regretted re
    tirement tho goodwill and kindly, feeling ct
    all the members of the. Bar.
    Mr. Merewether' said lie. had no' words to
    express his gratification .rind his gratitude.
    From the day he sot foot In Sydney he hsl
    received nothing but kindnesses, and thli
    graceful presentation filled the measure it
    his good fortune. While; the letter from hli
    old friend Judge Backhouse was being red
    ills thoughts went back lo Tho time of hliGj
    arrival In Sydney. It was Judge BackhousH
    who. met him with a 'warm welcome, a:jH
    wlin introduced lilm , to the members of CiH
    Bar., lie had. riot, fo.rgpttei) tlio courtesy arlH
    the frlenclslilo that were shown when 61
    was a strnliger. nor had time blunted SB
    sense of obligation to tlio lato Sir
    Wlsdoiii.Tvho gave lilrii. Ills appolntmentjB
    Crown- Prosecutor.-:. In performing the dufiH
    of Ills position lie was -always conscious tB
    tho desire of the judges and the momlsB
    of the Bar to .assist him. and, apart fral
    personal eonslderatlons" of a more than vtfi-l
    sant kind, ho was glad, that an opportuni?
    had presented Itself to -say how much he it
    predated- the .kindness, of. Bench und Ev
    during tho loiig period ' of 27 years. Mart
    loyal and, loving friends had passed a war.
    He need only speak, of mie— the late Mr. J,
    H. Want, ICC., -whoso death was slnec-ri'.r
    regretted by the. legal profession from m
    .to bottom. It ay as a consoling thing top
    into retirement accompanied by the goodwt.
    of - those with whom 'he bad- been so long as
    sociated; The "address and the -other sit
    wuld. be preserved as nreelous possnssloa
    arid ho would always remember with prti
    and ' pleasure the hearty ring -In the voltn
    of Ihe.griotl friends who had gathered arourl
    lilm that aftornoon.6
  • 28 Nov 1912: Mr. W. L. Merewether.
    Mr. Walton Lockyer Merewether, for many years Crown Prosecutor in this State, and on numerous occasions Acting District Judge, died at his residence ''Lurlei," Double Bay, on Saturday last. Born in Wiltshire, England, his father (Serjeant Merewether) was an eminent English barrister, being one of the last serjeants-at-law, and counsel in the celebrated Tichborne case. Educated at Eton and Christchurch, Oxford, Mr. Merewether was admitted a barrister at the Middle Temple, and for some time practised in England. He subsequently came out to New South Wales, and took up work on the North-Western Circuit. In 1882 he was appointed a Crown Prosecutor, and filled that position with ability for about ten years, when the state of his health compelled him to resign, and a testimonial was presented to him by his colleagues of the Bar, by whom he was highly respected for his courteous and genial nature. Judge Murray paid a deserved tribute to his memory in the District Court. He leaves a widow and two children, one of whom—a son—is at present carrying on the business of a cotton planter in Egypt. Mrs. Merewether is a daughter of the late Hon. Joseph Leary, who held office in the Parkes Government as Minister for Justice. For many years past Mr. Merewhether has been a devoted Catholic, and a respected member of St. Joseph's parish, Woollahra. In his last illness he had the devoted spiritual attention of the Franciscan Fathers. A Requiem Mass was celebrated at St. Joseph's Church on Monday last by the Rev. G. P. Birch, O.F.M. The Very Rev. P. B. Kennedy, O.F.M., officiated at the graveside at South Head cemetery.—R.I.P.7
  • 1 Dec 1912: THE LATE MR. W, L. MEREWETHER.
    Mr. Walton Lockyer Merewether, barrister-at-law, paid the debt of Nature, and was interred at the South Head Cemetery (where also Sir John Robertson lies) on Monday. Mr. Merewether was son of Mr. Merewether, Sergeant-at-Law and Queen's Counsel of the English Bar. He was called in 1871, and came to Sydney in 1878, shortly afterwards being appointed Crown Prosecutor. After some years in country districts, he was appointed to Sydney to the position now held by Mr. Hams. This he resigned a few years ago. Mr. Merewether was a well-read man, and humorous. He married a daughter of Mr. Joseph Leary, an old-time solicitor, parliamentarian, and Minister of the Crown. The funeral at South Head was a representative one.8


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Michael Bourke

M, #11536, b. 1814, d. 21 May 1877
Website* Blog aboput the Bourke family of Pakenham 
Birth*1814 Ireland. 
(Migrant) Migration/Travel16 Mar 1839 To Sydney, NSW, Australia. Ship Aliquis sailing from Cork on 9 Dec 1838
Age 24 - Agriculturalist. Can read and write.2 
Marriage*8 Apr 1839 Spouse: Catherine Kelly. St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, NSW, Australia.3,4
Noteabt 1844 James Neville. Bourke and Nevill's Station Pakenham. 
Note*1844 Another child? #B37228/1844 & #B7/1844 (par Michael BURKE & Catherine KELLY) - as Mary Anne BURKE, Birth registered at Moonee Ponds, Australia.5 
Death*21 May 1877 Pakenham, VIC, Australia, #D3929/1877 (Age 63) (par Michael BOURKE & Bridget KENNEDY.)6 
Death-Notice*23 May 1877 BOURKE.—On the 21st inst, at Pakenham, Mr. M. Bourke, an old and respected colonist, aged 63 years.7 


  • Pakenham Cemetery, Pakenham, VIC, Australia8


  • 30 Nov 1844: MONTHLY List of persons who have taken out licenses to depasture stock, to strip bark, and to cut timber on crown lands, in the district of Port Phillip, from the lst to the 31st October, 1844, inclusive.
  • 3 Nov 1845: MONTHLY ALPHABETICAL LIST of persons who have taken out licenses to depasture Stock, to strip bark and cut timber, on Crown Lands, in the District of Port Phillip from the 1st to the 30th September 1845, inclusive.
  • 23 Dec 1846: SQUATTING LICENCES ISSUED. WESTERN PORT. Bourke and Neville James Neville11
  • 3 May 1848: LEASES.—Applications for Leases received at the Superintendent's Office during the period commencing the 1st of March, and ending the 6th of April, 1848 :—
    M. Bourke and J. Neville . . Minton's Creek . . Mar 25 James Neville12
  • 26 Sep 1848: No. 28. Michael Bourke and James Neville. Name of run—Minton Creek
    Estimated area—12,800 acres
    Estimated grazing capabilities—400 head of cattle
    Bounded on the N by ranges, on the S by Captain Howey and Mrs Larimore, on the W by ranges, on the E by the Deep creek. James Neville13
  • 10 Feb 1851: In the vicinity of the La Trobe Inn (Gipps Land Road) much injury has been done. The inn itself had a narrow escape, but all the landlord's (Mr Bourke) property on his farm is destroyed. When the last accounts left, the fires were raging fiercely, and were communicated originally from the scrub in the Gipps Land ranges, which unless checked by yesterday's rain, still continued crackling and burning.14
  • 20 Apr 1853: APPLICATIONS GRANTED. Michael Bourke, La Trobe Inn, Western Port.15
  • 17 Jul 1860: Crown Lands Office, (Occupation Branch), Melbourne, 6th July, 1860.
    The following amounts of Assessment on Stock for the second half of the year 1859, Schedule C, are cancelled, having been charged in error to the undermentioned licensees : —
    Western Port District.
    Bourke and Neville, Minton's Creek, £13 16s.
    JAMES SERVICE. James Neville16
  • 18 Jan 1865: Publicans' Licences.
    TO the BENCH of MAGISTRATES at DANDENONG.—I, MICHAEL BOURKE, publican, now residing at Pakenham, in the county of Mornington, do hereby give notice, that it is my intention to APPLY to the justices sitting at the Court of Petty Sessions to be holden at Dandenong on the twenty eighth day of January, 1865, for a CERTIFICATE authorizing the issue of a PUBLICAN'S LICENCE for a house situated at Pakenham. It is built of brick and wood, situated in the township of Pakenham, containing three sittingrooms and six bedrooms exclusive of those required for the use of my family, at present occupied by myself, now unlicensed, and formerly known by the sign of the Latrobe Inn.17
  • 24 May 1877: We regret to have to record the death of Mr. Michael Bourke, who was a hotel-keeper at Pakenham for about twenty-five years. On Sunday evening he was on the stable loft getting some hay for Mr Richard Mackay's horse, and while descending his foot slipped on the ladder, and he fell heavily on the floor, sustaining a severe concussion of the brain, from the effects of which he died on Monday.
    Mr Bourke was a squatter before he commenced business as a hotelkeeper, and was much respected by his many friends.
    His son recently purchased Mr Collier's property at Flinn's Creek.18
  • 30 May 1877: We regret to chronicle the death of Mr. Michael Bourke, the oldest inhabitant, as we understand, of Pakenham, whose remains were laid in the Pakenham Cemetery on Wednesday last. His death was accelerated by an accident, which, although it might have had but little effect on a younger man, hastened his end. A few days before his death he had gone up to the hay-loft of his stable to pull down some hay, and in descending the ladder missed his hold and fell heavily on the side of his head. At first it was not considered that be was much injured, but he continued to get worse until he died. Although it rained almost incessantly during Wednesday the funeral was a very large one, comprising most of the old residents for many miles around, by whom deceased was generally esteemed. About three o'clock the cortege started, the body being conveyed in a splendid hearse, followed by vehicles containing deceased's wife, daughters, and other female relations, his sons following; after whom came a number of vehicles, and, lastly a very long array of horsemen. The funeral service was conducted by Mr. D. J. Ahern, of Dandenong, in an effective manner, although during the ceremony the rain was falling very heavily. — From a first visit to the Pakenham Cemetery we cannot say much in praise of the residents who permit it to remain in its present state so long. There are only five acres of it, which were granted by Government, and it is not creditable to the residents to allow it to remain almost in its natural state.19


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Some family sections show only the children who were associated with Upper Beaconsfield.

Some individuals may be featured because members of their family were associated with the Upper Beaconsfield area, even though they themselves never lived here.