Edward Richardson

M, #15944, b. 1900, d. 14 Apr 1961
Father*James Richardson b. 1869, d. 13 Jul 1953
Mother*Annie Amelia Smith b. 1875, d. Feb 1939
Probate (Will)* Edward Richardson. Grader Driver. Berwick. 14 Apr 1961. 567/707.1 
Birth*1900 Dandenong, VIC, Australia, #B25942 [par James RICHARDSON & Annie Amelia SMITH].2,3 
Marriage1925 Spouse: Jessie Bridget Drummond. VIC, Australia, #M5459.4
Death*14 Apr 1961 Berwick, VIC, Australia, #D6053 (Age 60) [par James RICHARDSON & Annie SMITH].2 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
bt 1925 - 1927Brown Street, Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: butcher.5,6
bt 1931 - 1936Wilson Street, Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: butcher. With Jessie Bridget Richardson.7,8
1942Golf Links, Upper Beaconsfield, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: labourer. With Jessie Bridget Richardson.9
bt 1949 - 1954Wilson Street, Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: labourer. With Jessie Bridget Richardson.10,11


  • 5-654-A, Berwick Cemetery, Berwick, VIC, Australia, Richardson Jessie Bridget 1899-1989 Richardson Ted 1900-196112


Jessie Bridget Drummond b. 1899, d. 3 Jun 1989
Child 1.Shirley Margaret Richardson+ b. 10 May 1929, d. 17 Jan 2014


  • 31 Oct 1929: An attractive home in Brown street, Berwick, has been erected by Mr E. Richardson, who has now gone into occupation.13
    The monthly meeting was postponed for a week out of respect to the memory of a grand old supporter of the brigade since its inception—the late Mr. J. Richardson, of Brown Street.
    Mr. Richardson’s three sons were among the founders of the brigade, and each has had the honor of being caotain. Ted and Jim are still active members. James Richardson James Alfred (Jim) Richardson14


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    5-654-A     Richardson Edward     M 60 4/04/1961 1437
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William Morison

M, #15955, b. abt 1780, d. 9 Jul 1860
Birth*abt 1780 
Marriage*4 Feb 1817 Spouse: Jennat MacRae. Glenshiel, Ross-shire, Scotland.
NoteJul 1834 One of the victims of John McDonald's forgery. School Master at Leckachan - had known John MacDonald for about 16 years. 
(Witness) Criminal23 Apr 1835William Morison was a victim of a fraud committed by John McDonald on 23 Apr 1835 at Inverness, Ross-shire, Scotland; tried at the High Court.1 
Death*9 Jul 1860 Schoolhouse, Glenshiel, Rossshire, Scotland, #D 067/ 6 (Age 80) [par Alexander MORISON & Margaret MACLEOD] - supposed to have died from disease of the heart - dropped off suddenly - death not certified. Buried at Clachan Duich, Kintail.2 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
6 Jun 1841Glenshiel, Ross-shire, ScotlandHead of Household: William Morison. Age 55
Member(s) of Household: Jennat MacRae, Alexander Morison, Farquhar Francis Morison, Duncan Morison, John Morison, Roderick Morison, James Morison.3
30 Mar 1851Leckachan House 51, Glenshiel, Ross-shire, ScotlandHead of Household: William Morison. Age 66 - Schoolmaster
also Mary MacDonald Serv U 22 General Serv
Member(s) of Household: Jennat Morison, Alexander Morison, John Morison, James Morison, Jane Morison.


  • 29 Apr 1835: FORGERY.
    John Macdonald was accused of forging and uttering a bill of exchange of £12 value. The bill was dated from Leachachan, parish of Glenshiel, and was drawn on Mr John Macdonald, Cooper, at the same place, and was made payable within the National Bank of Scotland's Office in Dingwall. The name of "William Morrison" was forged to the bill, purporting to be the signature of William Morrison, schoolmaster of Glenshiel. The pannel pleaded guilty to the uttering of the forged bill.
    Lord Mackenzie read the statute, passed in 1832, abolishing capital punishment for forgery, but rendering it imperative that all persons found guilty of that crime should be transported for life. The Court had no discretion, but must sentence the prisoner to transportation for the whole period of his natural life. John McDonald4


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