Samuel Horace Rexford Welch

M, #16921, b. 2 Jul 1880, d. 20 Aug 1976
Name Variation Samuel Horace Rexford Welch was also known as Rexford-Welch. 
Birth*2 Jul 1880 Hackney, London, England. [par Samuel WELCH & Julia Sophia JUPP]1
Marriage*26 Sep 1914 Spouse: Dorothy Eunice Skinner. St Luke's Church, West Norwood, London, England, Sep Q [Lambeth] 1d 669.2
Marriage-Notice*21 Nov 1914 WEDDING. WELCH—SKINNER. Mr Horace Rexford Welch, M.D., son of Mr Samuel Welch, M.D., was married at St. Luke's, West Norwood, last week, to Miss Dorothy Eunice Skinner, M.A., of Geelong (writes our London Office on October 9). The marriage ceremony performed by the Right Rev. Bishop Thornton (formerly Bishop of Ballarat), assisted by the Rev. W. H. Langhorne, Rector of Morden, England.3 
Death*20 Aug 1976 London, England. 
Probate (Will)*7 Dec 1976 REXFORD-WELCH, Samuel Horace, of 38 Leigham Av, London SW16, died 20 August 1976, Administration with will, London, 7 December. £47,950.4 


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Frederick Umhauer

M, #16922, b. Sep 1869, d. 12 Nov 1919
Birth*Sep 1869 Marylebone, London, England, Sep Q [Marylebone] 1a 427.1 
Marriage*1892 Spouse: Christina Munro. VIC, Australia, #M471.2
Death*12 Nov 1919 Wangaratta, VIC, Australia, #D19231 (Age 51) [par Frederick George UMHAUER & Unknown].2 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1906Charing Cross, Bendigo, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: publican. With Christina Umhauer.3
bt 1909 - 1912Mitchell Street, Bendigo, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: manager.4,5
bt 1914 - 1918Pakenham, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: hotelkeeper.6,7


  • 22 Feb 1912: Dandenong Licensing Court. At the Dandenong Licensing Court on Tuesday, before Mr Harris, P.M., the transfer of the licence ...., but in the case of Mr Umara, who applied for a transfer of the licence of the Gippsland Hotel from Catherine White the matter had to be adjourned on account of the papers in the case not being in order. Catherine Whittaker8
  • 4 Sep 1913: Dandenong Licensing Court. Wednesday, September 3. Before Mr W. W. Harris, P.M. A. R. Bragg applied for a transfer of the licence of the Gippsland Hotel, Lower Beaconsfield, from Mr. Umhauer to himself. The application was granted. Arthur Robert Bragg9
  • 12 Nov 1920: UMHAUER.—In loving memory of our dear brother-in-law, Frederick George Umhauer, who passed away on the 12th November 1919 at Wangaratta.
    Fond memory breathes a sigh for a loving heart that has lelt us.—(Inserted by A and N Sicree, Newry street, North Fitzroy.)
    UMHAUER.—In loving memory of F. G. Umhauer, late husband of C. Umhauer, and father of Fred, Isabel, Reg, died November 12, 1919.10


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Lawrance James Allen

M, #16923
Marriage*3 Jul 1912 Spouse: Isabel Florence Skinner. St John's Church, Perth, WA, Australia, #M473/1912 - Allen Laurence J & Skinner Florence T.1
Marriage-Notice*10 Aug 1912 ALLEN–SKINNER. —On the 3rd July, at St. John's, Perth, W.A., by Rev. W. Vine, Laurence J. Allen, late Commercial Bank, Berwick, now of National Bank, Tammin, West Australia, second son of Rev. J. Allen, Kaniva, to Isobel Florence, fourth daughter of the late Rev. H. Skinner, and of Mrs. White of Beaconsfield.2 


  • 15 Aug 1912: MR. L. J. ALLEN TO MISS I. F. SKINNER.
    The marriage of Mr. Lawrence Jas. Allen (late manager Commercial Bank, Berwick, now manager National Bank, Tammin, Western Australia), second son of Rev. J. Allen, of Kaniva, and Miss Isobel Florence Skinner, fourth daughter of the late Rev. H. Skinner, and of Mrs. White, of Beaconsfield, was, owing to a recent bereavement in the bride's family, quietly celebrated at St. John's, Perth, by the Rev. W. Vine, on 3rd July. Only the immediate relatives of both parties were present. Isabel Florence Skinner3


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