Jessie Young Kilpatrick

F, #19302, b. 22 Jan 1840, d. 12 Jan 1901
Married NameThomson. 
Birth*22 Jan 1840 Clerkenwell, London, England, Mar Q [Clerkenwell] 3 40
Baptism 1 Mar 1840 Regent Square Scotch Church, Saint Pancras, London.1,2 
Marriage*28 Jul 1858 Spouse: John Thomson. Islington, London, England, Sep Q [Islington] 1b 284.1,3
Marriage-Notice*13 Oct 1858 On the 28th July, at Trinity Church, Cloudesley-square, Islington, by the Rev. Mr. Vincent, John Thomson, Melbourne, to Jessie Young, eldest daughter of John Kilpatrick, Esq., Alton House, Highbury, New Park.4 
Probate (Will)*6 May 1884 Father's Estate: KILPATRICK John. Personal Estate £70,010 11s. 2d. Resworn November 1884 £69,695 15s. 1d.
6 May.     The Will of John Kilpatrick formerly of 53 Highbury-New-park but late of 2 Northampton-square and of 28 Daleham-gardens Hampstead all in the County of Middlesex Jeweller who died 19 March 1884 at 28 Daleham - gardens was proved at the Principal Registry by John William Kilpatrick of 28 Daleham-gardens Gentleman the Son Joseph William Greig of 33 Cornwall-road Finsbury Park in the said County Gentleman Andrew Maclure of 97 Queen-Victoria-street in the City of London Printer and Lithographer John Young of 41 Coleman-street in the said City Public Accountant and Joseph Snowden of 34 Cheapside in the said City Jeweller the Executors.5 
Death*12 Jan 1901 Dromana, VIC, Australia, #D1409 (Age 61) [par John KILPATRICK & Mary DRUMMOND].6 
Death-Notice*14 Jan 1901 THOMSON.—On the 12th January, at Dromana, suddenly, Jessie Y., wife of John Thomson, of Kilpatrick and Co.7 


  • Church of England Section KB 55B, Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, VIC, Australia, Sacred to the memory of John THOMSON (Kilpatrick & Co) died 19 Oct 1913, age 84 yrs
    Jessie Young (nee KILPATRICK) wife of the above died 12 Jan 1901, age 61 yrs
    John William son of the above died 14 May 1886, age 23 yrs
    Arthur William son of the above died 7 May 1860 age 8 mths.8


John Thomson b. 1832, d. 19 Oct 1913
Child 1.Archibald Boyd Thomson b. 12 Nov 1870, d. 22 Mar 1942


  • 29 Apr 1884: Death of father: KILPATRICK — On the 20th ult., at his residence, in London, John Kilpatrick, of the firm of Kilpatrick and Co, of this city.9
  • 6 Apr 1895: Death of brother: KILPATRICK.—On the 1st inst., at Hampstead, London, John William, only surviving son of the late John Kilpatrick (of Kilpatrick and Co., Melbourne), aged 38. (By cable.)10


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Archibald Boyd Thomson

M, #19307, b. 12 Nov 1870, d. 22 Mar 1942
Father*John Thomson b. 1832, d. 19 Oct 1913
Mother*Jessie Young Kilpatrick b. 22 Jan 1840, d. 12 Jan 1901
Birth*12 Nov 1870 Melbourne, VIC, Australia, #B26378.1 
Birth-Notice*14 Nov 1870 THOMSON.—On the 12th November, at Alton House, Avoca-street, South Yarra, Mrs. John Thomson of a son.2 
Marriage-Notice*11 Oct 1902 THOMSON— COLLINS.— On tho 13th September, at Closeburn," Dandenong-road, by the Rev. Dr.
Bevan, Archibald Boyd Thomson to Sophie Collins.3 
Land-UBeac*a 19 Oct 1913 PAK-88. Transfer from John Thomson to Archibald Boyd Thomson. 19a 3r 15p.4 
Land-UBeac*24 Oct 1922 PAK-88, 405 O'Neil Road. Transfer from Archibald Boyd Thomson to Frederick William Dineley. 19a 3r 15p.5 
Death*22 Mar 1942 Windsor, VIC, Australia, #D2620 (Age 71.)6 
Death-Notice*24 Mar 1942 THOMSON.—On March 22, at Closeburn, 291 Dandenong road Windsor, Archibald Boyd, beloved husband of the late Sophie Emily Thomson, loving father of Alec (Privately cremated March 23.)7 


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Samuel Patterson

M, #19319, b. Mar 1862, d. 28 Dec 1908
Probate (Will)* 110/164. Samuel PATTERSON Date of grant: 04 Mar 1909; Date of death: 28 Dec 1908; Occupation: Schoolmaster; Residence: Geelong.1 
Birth*Mar 1862 Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland.2 
Marriage*1 Mar 1888 Spouse: Therese Taylor. Wesleyan Church, Ross, TAS, Australia.3
Marriage-Notice*17 Mar 1888 PATTERSON—TAYLOR.—On March 1, at Wesleyan Church, Ross, by the Rev T O Laurance, Samuel, third son of the Rev S Patterson Ballygoran, Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland, to Therese, eldest daughter of John Taylor, Esq., Fitzroy, Melbourne.4 
Death*28 Dec 1908 Salisbury House, Upper Beaconsfield, VIC, Australia, #D12529 (Age 46) [par Samuel PATTERSON & Sophie HOLBROOK] - he died of uraemia and acute nephritis, from which he had suffered for 3 days, the attending doctor was Sybil C Bevan.
Age 46 years, 37 weeks and 4 days.5,6
Note*a 28 Dec 1908 Mary Eliza "P" Corder. In his probate he owes amongst other liability £5 to Miss Corder, Boarding House Keeper at Upper Beaconsfield.1 
Death-Notice30 Dec 1908 PATTERSON.—On the 28th December, at Upper Beaconsfield, Samuel Patterson, for over 20 years Senior Mathematical and Science Master at the Church of England Grammar School, Geelong, also for the past 8 years head master of the Preparatory Grammar School.
Funeral Notice: PATTERSON.—The funeral of the late Mr. SAMUEL PATTERSON will leave Christ Church of England, Moorabool-street, Geelong, THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), the 30th INST., at 2.30 p.m., for the Eastern Cemetery.
A short funeral service, commencing at 2 o'clock p.m., will be held in Christ Church. W. B. KING & SON. Funeral Directors.7 
Death-Notice*31 Dec 1908 PATTERSON.—On the 28th December, at Upper Beaconsfield, Samuel Patterson, for over 20 years senior mathematical and science master at the Church of England Grammar School, Geelong; also for the past eight years head master of the Preparatory Grammar School.8 


  • EAS-COE-05-807-131, Geelong Eastern Cemetery, Geelong, VIC, Australia, Church Of England Row 05 Grave 1319


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Maximilian Ludwig Kreitmayer

M, #19320, b. 1830, d. 1 Jun 1906
Birth*1830 Munich, Germany. 
Marriage*2 Jul 1856 Spouse: Eliza Spong. Leeds, Yorkshire, England, marriage entry/certificate in London is crossed out and not signed. The marriage took place at Leeds six weeks later.1,2
Marriage*1868 Spouse: Emily Ann Waite. Sydney, NSW, Australia, #M88/1868.3
Land-UBeac*13 Mar 1877Selection: PAK-86. 20a. Land File 454/49. As May L Kreitmayer. Declared abandoned - non payment of survey fees Open for reselection on 11/5/1877.4 
Widower16 May 1879Maximilian Ludwig Kreitmayer became a widower upon the death of his wife Emily Ann Waite.5 
Marriage*29 Mar 1884 Spouse: Harriet Mary Watts. Independent Church, Launceston, TAS, Australia, #M576.6,7
Marriage-Notice*12 Apr 1884 KREITMAYER—Watts.—On the 29th March, at Launceston, M.L. Kreitmayer to Harriet M. Watts.6 
Property*25 Jun 1887 16 St Helliers Street, Abbotsford, VIC, Australia. A lease dated the first day of July one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven from Robert Rossbotham to Max Ludwig Kreitmayer for ten years from twentyfifth day of June one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven. Registered Book 339 No 403.8 
Death*1 Jun 1906 Home Lodge, Abbotsford, VIC, Australia, #D5006 (Age 75) [par unknown].9 
Death-Notice*4 Jun 1906 KREITMAYER.—On the 1st June, at his residence, "Home Lodge," Abbotsford. Maximillian Ludwig Kreitmayer. Interred privately 2nd June.10 

Family 1

Eliza Spong b. Mar 1822, d. Nov 1906
Children 1.Lilian Kreitmayer b. 1858, d. 1858
 2.Maximilian Joseph Kreitmayer b. 30 Sep 1859, d. 14 Jul 1918
 3.Ludwig Ernest Kreitmayer b. 12 Aug 1861, d. 30 Dec 1920

Family 2

Emily Ann Waite b. 1837, d. 16 May 1879
Children 1.Conrad Anthony Kreitmayer b. 1865, d. 27 Aug 1865
 2.Charles Playdell Langley Kreitmayer b. 1867, d. 1919
 3.Augustus Breadalbane Kreitmayer+ b. 3 Oct 1876, d. 5 Jun 1924

Family 3

Harriet Mary Watts b. 1850, d. 25 May 1934
Children 1.Olive Margurite Kreitmayer b. 29 Sep 1886, d. 21 Mar 1953
 2.Max Ludwig Kreitmayer b. 7 Feb 1889
 3.Louis Kreitmayer b. 25 Aug 1894, d. 11 Sep 1894


  • 13 Dec 1889: Mr. Max Kreitmayer
    For nearly twenty years the Waxworks have been among the institutions of Melbourne, and are as much a part of the city as Bourke-street itself. The genial proprietor, Mr. Max Kreitmayer—whose thirty-five years experience of Australia have given him an extensive knowledge of colonial life—won a reputation in Germany as a modeller, long before he came to Australia, and his later life has abundantly fulfilled the promise of his youth. Mr. Max Kreitmayer was born in Munich in 1830, and from his childhood was destined by his parents to enter the medical profession.
    But the young brain was already busy with other ideas—not easily comprehensible to his sober, matter-of-fact relatives. His mother never could understand her son's proclivity for dabbling in what seemed like mud—out of which he evolved strange-looking shapes and forms of animal life. This gave the maternal mind a good deal of trouble, for no sooner had young Max smeared himself from head to foot with mud and clay, than he set himself on fire by surreptitiously baking his images in the oven. It can easily be understood that the matron was not well disposed towards the plastic attempts of her son—who, however, showed indomitable perseverance in acquiring a collection of clay figures, accepting their mysterious disappearances and tragical smashes with philosophical indifference—and starting afresh after every parental rebuke. A relative noted this, and encouraged the fast developing talent by every means in his power, and as he himself had a considerable reputation as a modeller, the boy did not lack instruction. The medical idea was still entertained by young Max Kreitmayer's parents, who, after giving him a first-class education, had their own way so far as to at last see him studying in the Munich University. Only for one year, however, Anatomical modelling claimed the youth's earnest attention, and in this direction he made quick progress under the tuition of Professor Zeiler. The father wisely allowed his son to follow the natural bent of his own mind without further interference and had soon reason to congratulate him on his prudence, for the young man executed models for Sir James Paget; then an English professor, for Doctor Allan Thompson, and forwarded, to order, a collection of models to tho Dublin College of Surgeons, showing the anatomy of the horse. This created so much interest in London that the young Munich modeller was offered the post of superintendent to the School of Design, at Marlborough House. The appointment was, however, refused, as just at this time Australia was holding out irresistible attractions. Mr. Kreitmayer, however, was not solely drawn to Australia by the hope of picking up nuggets. He had a nobler ambition. Australia was known to be full of strange animals, different in every way to those of Europe. No one attempted to bring them before the eyes of the world, and this Mr. Kreitmayer set himself to do. His idea was to live in tho bush for a couple of years, make perfect studies of native animals, and model them accurately. But these good intentions were never fulfilled. As soon as Mr. Kreitmayer set foot in Melbourne, in the latter part of 1854, he caught the gold fever, and hurried off to the diggings with thousands of others, all in ore or less mad with the notion of digging gold out of the earth as they would potatoes. Mr. Kreitmayer was one of the first to note the lovely scenery of Fernshawe, as thirty years ago he and one or two friends were prospecting in the ranges round that district. The prospecting party lived as best they could. Kangaroos and fish formed the staple portion of their food, but now and then their nearest neighbor—a friendly squatter who lived in a bark hut, six or seven miles away—would give them permission to kill a sheep if they fancied it. Frequently the party changed their camp to strike a more payable spot, and in one of their wanderings found themselves in a ravine, encompassed by a forest of ferns, which, rising frond upon frond from the creek at their feet, seemed to shut out the hot summer sky with their tender foliage. It was the first glimpse of a fern gully, and the weary travellers reverently uncovered their heads, half possessed of an idea that they had accidently stumbled into Paradise. Mr. Kreitmayer soon gave up prospecting, only to catch a new phase of the gold mania in quartz-reefing, when he lost every sixpence he had made during the earlier portion of his career. For some years he continued this life, with a fair amount of success, and then returned to Melbourne, where, acting in conjunction with Dr. L. L. Smith, they opened the old Polytechnic Hall (now the Nugget Theatre) with a collection of models. After a time Mr. Kreitmayer went into partnership with Sohier, who is best known as the first man to open a collection of wax figures in Melbourne in 1857. In 1870 Mr. Kreitmayer took sole charge of the business in Bourke-street, and has remained there ever since. Mr. Kreitmayer has had curious experiences with his wax figures, especially with the notorieties of the criminal department, one of whom—even in wax—could contrive to give far more trouble than all the kings and queens together. At one time there was to be seen in the chamber of horrors the effigy of a certain bushranger, whose widow still entertained such wifely love for her ill-conditioned husband, that once a month she brought a clean shirt for Mr. Kreitmayer to put on the waxen malefactor—just to keep up appearances—as "he was always fond of clean linen," the widow sorrowfully explained. However, on her marrying again, the second husband stopped this as a useless expense. Mr. Kreitmayer's mode of dressing his criminals gave offence to no less a notoriety than Power, the bushranger, who when liberated from gaol, visited the Waxworks to see his duplicate self. Without making a fuss, he told Mr. Kreitmayer he was not satisfied, and asked permission to bring a proper suit of clothes. This was accordingly granted, and the curious spectacle was to be seen of Power in flesh and blood helping to attire Power in wax and sawdust. Another humourous episode occurred while Mr Kreitmayer was travelling through New Zealand with a waxwork's show. Oue of the figures represented a chief actor in the Kinder-Bertrand tragedy of twenty five years ago. One of the Kinders happened to meet Mr. Kreitmayer in Hokitiki, and said, as he believed Mr. Kreitmayer had "one of his family in there," he would be obliged if he would hand him over—which the owner naturally refused to do. Kinder settled the difficulty by getting into the Waxworks and smashing the figure, for which Mr. Kreitmayer had him arrested and locked up. Ultimately bail was accepted, and a fine of ten pounds imposed, but not paid however, as Kinder bolted, sending a hasty note to Mr. Kreitmayer, saying that he was sorry he had smashed up his relative, as he wasn't worth paying ten pounds for! Nowadays, however, the wax figures, have not shown such a capacity for mischief, and are on the whole extremely well-behaved. Mr. Kreitmayer, in spite of his loyalty, owns a liking for his criminals, before even his kings and queens, as the former are a more potent attraction with the public, with whom he always keeps faith. The familiar hall has now been decorated and altered, the figures newly clothed, the chamber of horrors placed—upstairs at the back of the building, while downstairs that cleverest of illusions, the graceful Amphitrite, is floating in her grotto at the bottom of the sea.11
  • 24 Nov 1892: COLLINGWOOD COUNCIL.—MONDAY. Present—Mayor Kreitmayer, Crs. Nicholls, Feild, Gahan, Hood, Cody, Pitt, Flannagan, Keele, Kimberley, Beazley, and Hall.12


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Some family sections show only the children who were associated with Upper Beaconsfield.

Some individuals may be featured because members of their family were associated with the Upper Beaconsfield area, even though they themselves never lived here.