Violet Leila Warren

F, #19443, b. 1900, d. 20 Jul 1925
Married NameSchlipalius.1 
Birth*1900 Armadale, VIC, Australia, #B23647 [par Wm Geo WARREN & Isabella LAIDLAW].1 
Marriage-Notice*6 Jul 1923 The engagement is announced of Miss Violet Leila Warren, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren, Barkly avenue, Malvern, to Mr. Harold A. Schlipalius, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Schlipalius, of William street, Malvern.2 
Marriage*24 Oct 1923 Spouse: Harold Arthur Schlipalius. Congregational Church, Malvern, VIC, Australia, #M11955.1
Death*20 Jul 1925 Malvern, VIC, Australia, #D10206 (Age 25) [par William George WARREN & Isabella LAIDLAW].1 
Death-Notice*21 Jul 1925 SCHLIPALIUS.—On the 20th July at her father-in-law's residence, 9 William street, Malvern, Violet Leila, dearly loved wife of Harold Arthur Schlipalius, aged 25 years, late of Glen Alvie, Fuller avenue, Gleniris.
SCHLIPALIUS (nee Warren).—On the 20th July, at 9 William street, Malvern, Leila Violet, dearly beloved daughter of Isabella and W G Warren, 47 Barkly avenue, beloved sister of Harold, aged 25 years. Deeply mourned.
SCHLIPALIUS.—The Friends of Mr. HAROLD SCHLIPALIUS are informed that the remains of his late beloved wife will be interred in Brighton Cemetery.
SCHLIPALIUS.—Members of Malvern Tent, LOR No 282 are invited to follow the remains of Sister SCHLIPALIUS THIS DAY (Tuesday, the 21st July) at 4 o'clock. Leaves 9 William street Malvern for Brighton Cemetery.
SCHLIPALIUS. — Perseverance Tent L O R - Members are requested to attend the funeral of SISTER SCHLIPALIUS THIS DAY (Tuesday). The cortege will leave her late residence, William street, Malvern at 4 o'clock.


  • 7 Dec 1923: MARRIAGES. Mr. H. A. Schlipalius to Miss L. L. Warren. On Wednesday evening, October 24, the marriage of Mr. Harold Arthur Schlipalius, to Miss Leila Violet Warren, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Warren, Barkly Avenue, Malvern, was celebrated at the Congregational Church, Malvern. The bride, who was given away by her uncle, wore a becoming gown of charmeuse and georgette, trimmed with seed pearls, ornament of pearls at side of draped skirt, also a wreath and veil, with a court train. Miss Schlipalius (the bridegroom's sister) and Miss Carrie Dennett were bridesmaids. Miss Schlipalius wore a smart frock of powder-blue crepe de chine, with georgette sleeves, trimmed with gold tissue, and Miss Bennett wore mauve silk trimmed with silver tissue. They both carried bouquets of carnations and fern, Little Miss Hopkins was train-bearer in pink crepe de chine, trimmed with frills. Mr. A. McMicken was best man, and Mr. H. Warren (brother of the bride) groomsman. During the signing of the register, Miss Min Mclvor sang "Because."
    The reception was held at the Rechabite Hall, Prahran. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a gold watch. The bridegroom's present to the bride, a gold expansion wristlet watch and string of pearls, bridesmaids, strings of pearls; train-bearer, silver filled gold bangle. The present to the bride from her mother was a piano. Harold Arthur Schlipalius4


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Mary Jane McNabb

F, #19457, b. 13 Jul 1865, d. 17 Oct 1922
Father*George McNabb
Mother*Mary Jane Martin d. 17 Apr 1922
Married NameFleming.1 
Married NamePaternoster.1 
Birth*13 Jul 1865 Trentham, VIC, Australia, #B16245 [par George McNABB & Harriet MARTIN].1,2 
Marriage*28 Oct 1886 Spouse: Francis Dunne Fleming. Kialla, VIC, Australia, #M6876.1,3
Marriage-Notice*5 Jan 1887 Fleming—M'Nabb.—On the 28th October, at the residence ot the bride's father, Kialla, Shepparton, by the Rev. R. Johnston, B.A.. Francis Dunne Fleming, son of Richard Fleming, of Arcadia, to Mary Jane M'Nabb, eldest daughter of George M'Nabb, farmer, Kialla.4 
Widow15 Sep 1898Mary Jane McNabb became a widow upon the death of her husband Francis Dunne Fleming.5,1 
Marriage*1902 Spouse: Matthew Paternoster. VIC, Australia, #M5515.6
Death*17 Oct 1922 Shepparton, VIC, Australia, #D14734 (Age 58) [par George McNABB & Mary Jane MARTIN].1,2 
Death-Notice*19 Oct 1922 PATERNOSTER.—On the 17th October, at residence, Wyndham street, Shepparton, Mary Jane, the beloved wife of M. Paternoster, aged 58 years.
Father, mother, and daughter united.7 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1914High Street, Berwick, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: home duties. With Matthew Paternoster.8


  • 19 Apr 1922: Death of mother: McNABB.-On the 17th April, 1922, at her daughter's residence, 42 Hartington street, Elsternwick, Harriet, relict of the late George McNabb, "Trustin," Wyndham street, Shepparton; loving mother of the late John, George (Henty, N.S.W.), Samuel (North Murchison), James M. (Kialla West), Mary J. (Mrs. M. Paternoster, Elsternwick), Emily M. (Mrs. W. J. Huggard, Toolamba); aged 85 years. A colonist of 71 years. Reunited.
    Our eyes grow dim with tenderness the while, Thinking we see you smile.
    (Inserted by her loving family.)
    McNABB.-On the 17th April, at Elsternwick, dear Grandma, aged 85 years, "The long day closes."
    Mr. L. M. McNabb, (Shepparton)9
  • 25 Sep 1922: A NEW BUSINESS VENTURE. The New Wattle Tea Rooms.
    A house of beauty and business has taken the place of the piece of land so long vacant in Fryers Street next to James Fairleys emporium. This is the Wattle Tea-Rooms of Mr. Matthew Paternoster (late of Tatura), whose experience in business concerns has been wide and successful. What he has established now in this town will supply a long felt necessity, and everybody who visits the establishment will readily notice how well he has done matters—everything in first-class, up-to-date style. For several weeks past this elegant building has been progressing towards completion, the builder being Mr. W. E. Richardson, of Welsford Street; and finality was reached on Saturday last sufficiently to enable its being thrown open to the public. And the public availed itself of the opportunity to an extent that must have been very gratifying to Mr. Paternoster, for during the afternoon the rooms
    were crowded. Many had to wait outside before they could secure entrance, while good business was also done during the evening. The fact that so many had to wait was only an initial disability that will soon be overcome, for the management intends to leave nothing undone that will lend to the convenience and comfort of its patrons.
    An outside view of the building is very striking because of its architectural features, with the windows, each 9 ft. in length; harmonising aesthetically with the surroundings. The top portion consists of lead lights; the fittings are of the latest improved style; and with cakes and confectionery, fancy chocolate boxes and other articles in artistic array in those windows, one almost feels an involuntary push from behind to go inside the tea rooms. Very well; that cannot be helped in such circumstances. And what do you behold? First of all, two shop counters with oilcloth tops, and two Dayton computing scales, while against the walls are shelves well laden with necessaries and luxuries.
    This department is under the assistant manageress, Miss A. Huggard. Then the visitor enters the main portion of the building—the tea rooms, so bright and airy, and so calculated to give zest to the appetite. There are 14 tables, each with a fancy cover and each having in
    the centre a small vase containing wattle sprays. New chairs are round those tables, on the walls are three large mirrors, six smaller ones and six hat racks with the light yellow tinting of the walls producing a happy effect. The waitresses are four in number, all in uniform costume, to represent the wattle and the lady in charge is Mrs Paternoster.
    In the further portion of the building it is quite a pleasure to witness what has been achieved. To commence with the kitchen with hot and cold water services laid on with its array of brand new cups, saucers and plates (white and gold) and all necessary appurtenances. A few steps further back and you come to the combined cake and sponge making machine driven by motor and the electric ice cream freezer on a concrete floor. Another step and you enter the bakehouse, for everything is baked on the premises under strictly hygienic principles. And from the bakehouse and the kitchen there is a private
    side passage leading to the tea rooms to enable pies and other good things to be served hot and appetisingly. Mr Paternoster intends to make still further improve ments and before very long he will be installing a soda fountain. Matthew Paternoster, Alice Sophie Alma Huggard10
  • 19 Oct 1922: The death of Mrs. Mary Jane Paternoster (wife of Mr. M. Paternoster) at their residence, “Trustin,” Wyndham Street, on Tuesday, at about 11.30 p.m. came as a great shock to her many friends. She had been ailing only a week, and being of a strong and healthy constitution, it was thought that she would recover in good time. But more serious symptoms set in a few days ago; the efforts of two local doctors and a trained nurse from Melbourne proved unavailing, and it was seen on Tuesday afternoon that Mrs. Paternoster was sinking. She was the daughter of the late Mr. George and Mrs. Harriet McNabb, formerly of Kialla, and latterly of Shepparton; her father died 20 years ago, and her mother just six months ago at Elsternwick, where she had gone for a holiday. Mrs. Paternoster was born at Tylden (near Kyneton); she was 58 years of age, and was well known in the district, and particularly at Tatura, from where she and her husband came about six months ago, to ultimately open the Wattle Tea Rooms, in Fryers Street.
    She leaves no family. Mrs. Paternoster was a lady of a bright and generous disposition. During her brief existence in this town she became very popular—a continuance of the popularity which she gained in Tatura and the surrounding country. With her two of her nieces had resided for many years—the Misses Alma Huggard and Mary M’Nabb.
    The funeral took place this afternoon, the service being conducted by the Rev. Geo. Paul, while the mortuary arrangements were attended to by Mr. T. J. Kittle.11
  • 12 Dec 1922: Mary Jane Paternoster, of Shepparton who died intestate on October 17, left real estate of a gross value of £2,025, and personal property of a gross value of £3,373, which will be shared by her next of kin, husband and relatives.12


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Margaret Powesland Hehir

F, #19459, b. 1892, d. 1977
Father*James Hehir b. 1868, d. 5 Apr 1953
Mother*Mary Ann Powlesland d. 25 Nov 1899
Married NamePaternoster.1 
Birth*1892 Tatura, VIC, Australia, #B36945/1892 (par Jas HEHIR & Mary Ann POWLESLAND) - as Margt Powlesland HEHIR.2 
Marriage*1912 Spouse: Matthew Simon Paternoster. VIC, Australia, #M4476.1
Widow1972Margaret Powesland Hehir became a widow upon the death of her husband Matthew Simon Paternoster.3 
Death*1977 Greenvale, VIC, Australia, #D15977 (Age 85.)1 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1914Beaconsfield, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: home duties. With Matthew Simon Paternoster.4


Matthew Simon Paternoster b. 1890, d. 1972
Children 1.Mary Adelaide Paternoster b. 4 Nov 1912
 2.John Francis Paternoster b. 1913
 3.James Robert Paternoster5 b. 1919


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Mary Adelaide Paternoster

F, #19460, b. 4 Nov 1912
Father*Matthew Simon Paternoster b. 1890, d. 1972
Mother*Margaret Powesland Hehir b. 1892, d. 1977
Birth*4 Nov 1912 Berwick, VIC, Australia, #B26673/1912 (par Matthew PATERNOSTER & PATERNOSTER, Margt Powesland HEHIR) - as Mary Adelaide PATERNOSTER.1 
Birth-Notice*8 Nov 1912 PATERNOSTER.—On the 4th November, at "Dorcy Cottage" Beaconsfield, the wife of M. S. Paternoster—a daughter (Mary Adelaide).2 


  1. [S26] Victorian Government. BDM Index Victoria (Births) (online) "#B26673/1912 (par Matthew PATERNOSTER & PATERNOSTER, Margt Powesland HEHIR) - as Mary Adelaide PATERNOSTER, Birth registered at Berwick, Vic, Australia."
  2. [S16] Newspaper - The Age (Melbourne, Vic.), Fri 8 Nov 1912, p1
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John Francis Paternoster

M, #19461, b. 1913
Father*Matthew Simon Paternoster b. 1890, d. 1972
Mother*Margaret Powesland Hehir b. 1892, d. 1977
Birth*1913 Berwick, VIC, Australia, #B28398/1913 (par Mattw Simon PATERNOSTER & Margt Powesland HEHIR) - as Jno Fran PATERNOSTER.1 


  1. [S26] Victorian Government. BDM Index Victoria (Births) (online) "#B28398/1913 (par Mattw Simon PATERNOSTER & Margt Powesland HEHIR) - as Jno Fran PATERNOSTER, Birth registered at Berwick, Vic, Australia."
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