Elizabeth Brown

F, #19475, b. 1834, d. 1887
Married NameMcKelvie.1 
Marriage* Spouse: Thomas McKelvie.1
Widow1886Elizabeth Brown became a widow upon the death of her husband Thomas McKelvie.2 
Death*1887 Hospital, Melbourne East, VIC, Australia, #D14358 (Age 53) [par unknown].3 


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John Harris

M, #19479, b. 1826, d. 25 Apr 1908
UBeac-Land*Original Selector: GEM-E-11 (incl GEM-D-74), Upper Beaconsfield, VIC, Australia, 16a 0r 14p - Land File 1811/49.4 Crown Grant to J HARRIS on 3 May 1887. 1890 in arrears - unclear if Metropolitan Bank paid, no longer listed after 1894. GEM-E-11 8a 2r 16p / GEM-D-74 7a 1r 38p
Other occupant(s) of crown allotment: Heneage Murray Golden Gibbes, Charles Leopold Schlipalius, Harold Arthur Schlipalius
UBeac-LandOriginal Selector: PAK-168, VIC, Australia, 20a 0r 0p - Land File 380/49 (1880 map)
Selected by J HARRIS on 7 Mar 1879. Sale 5036, upset £1/ac, value £52 10s
1890 in arrears - from 1892 Metropolitan Bank
Other occupant(s) of crown allotment. 
Marriage*1860 Spouse: Elizabeth Mary Denney. VIC, Australia, #M3871.1
Land-UBeac*20 Mar 1883John Harris selected land from the Crown. GEM-E-11 / GEM-D-74. 16a 0r 14p - Land File 1811/49.4 GEM-E-11 8a 2r 16p / GEM-D-74 7a 1r 38p. Crown grant to J HARRIS on 3 May 1887.
1890 in arrears - unclear if Metropolitan Bank paid, no longer listed after 1894.2,3 
Land-Note*16 Aug 1886 GEM-E-11 / GEM-D-74 William Adams. Statutory declaration is support of application for forfeiture. I, William Adams of Beaconsfield do solemnly declare, that I am informed and believe that John Harris of Gembrook ... That he has not put any improvements, resided or cultivated the land.4 
Land-Note*31 Aug 1886 GEM-E-11 / GEM-D-74 Caleb Wheeler. Fasifern, Beconsfield, August 31 86.
To the Secretary of Lands
Dear Sir I take the liberty of writing to you with reference to a Block of Land of J Harris in too parts north of Ellenworths on the Narrie Warren Road about 16 Acres it has been selected over (3) years and no improvements of any kind what ever put upon it. it is likely to be Fortifed.
also with referance to a Block of 20 Acres Selected by Dale over 3 years north of Gissings. Sugar Laaff has no improvements of any kind what ever is it likely to be forfitited?
or could you give me any information of Land forfitited or given for selection in or near Beaconsfield or what can be taken to obtain a block.
I remain yours respectfully Caleb Wheeler.4 
Land-Note*12 Nov 1886 GEM-E-11 / GEM-D-74. Recommended that he be allowed one month to complete improvements - a further inspection to be then made.
Report on 2 Feb 1887. Improvements 27 chains post and rail & 3 wires @ per chain 17/6 £23-12-6
22 chains post and 5 wires @ per chain 12/- £13-4-0
Total 36-16-6.4 
Land-Note21 Jan 1887 GEM-E-11 / GEM-D-74. Application to purchase: John Harris, Boardinghouse Keeper, Park Road St Kilda.
I paid for all fencing. Land not fit for cereal crops, moderately timbered, stony, rangy and too poor for cultivation. Land used for grazing horses. Not residing on land because it is too poor to make a living on.4 
Land-UBeac28 Jan 1888 GEM-E-11 / GEM-D-74. Transfer from John Harris to Susannah Smith. 16a 0r 14p - (GEM-E-11 8a 2r 16p / GEM-D-74 7a 1r 38p.)5 
Widower28 Oct 1897John Harris became a widower upon the death of his wife Elizabeth Mary Denney.6 
Death*25 Apr 1908 Prahran, VIC, Australia, #D7376 (Age 82) [par John HARRIS & Mary HOWSLIP].6 
Death-Notice*27 Apr 1908HARRIS.—On the 25th April, John Harris, 66 Regent-street, Elsternwick, aged 82 years.7 


  • CoE Comp C Grave 90A, St Kilda Cemetery, St Kilda, VIC, Australia8


  • 3 Jan 1879: HARRIS, John. Pakenham Gazetted
    3 Jan 1879 New Licenses under Land Act Approved
    25 Apr 1879 Licenses under Land Act Cancelled or Declared Void9
  • 5 Jun 1880: THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between Jacob Harris, John Harris, and Bernard Robert Harris, carrying on business under the style of "J. Harris and Sons," at 41 Little Flinders-street east, Melbourne, as boot and shoe merchants and importers, has been DISSOLVED, so far as the said Bernard Robert Harris is concerned, as on and from the first day of June, one thousand eight hundred and eighty.
    The business lately carried on by the said firm will be continued upon tho same premises by the under signed, Jacob Harris and John Harris, by whom all debts respectively due and owing by the late firm are to be received and paid respectively.
    Dated this third day of June, 1880.
    Witness-Montague Cohen solicitor, Melbourne Bernard Robert Harris Jacob Harris10
  • 14 Jun 1882: HARRIS'S Temperance Hotel, Park-rd., close St Kilda railway. — Comfortable Home, gentlemen ; terms very moderate.11
  • 6 Aug 1888: Carter—Harris.— On the 21st July, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, by the Rev. Dr. Bromby, Henry Philip Carter, late Chelsea, London, to Elizabeth Mary, eldest daughter of John Harris, of Park-road, St. Kilda, late Worcestershire, England.12
  • 14 Sep 1888: GIRL, 16, thoroughly useful, for country; bring references. Apply before 11 o'clock to Mrs. Harris, Temperance Hotel, Park-rd., St. Kilda, near beach.13
  • 31 Oct 1890: HARRIS'S Temperance Hotel, Park-rd., between railway, baths, St. Kilda.— Visitors to Cup and Boarders will find superior Accommodation.14
  • 11 Apr 1891: VISITORS TO MELBOURNE, and anyone requiring Board and Residence will find a quiet Home, with the host of everything, at Harris's Boarding House, Park-rd, between railway station and baths, St. Kilda. Only quarter hour from Melbourne ; trains every few minutes ; terms moderate.15
  • 28 Jan 1893: HARRIS'S Private Boarding House, Park-rd., St. Kilda, between station, baths, close trams, best Board and Accommodation ; lowest prices.16
  • 9 Jun 1894: The St Kilda council on Monday last decided to provide a new. lamp for Park street in lieu of the one removed by Mr. J. Harris, proprietor of the temperance boarding house, the cost of lighting which was subsidised by the council.17


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