Stephen Trythall

M, #19653, b. 8 Mar 1827, d. 27 Jun 1908
Probate (Will)* 107/881. Stephen TRYTHALL Date of grant: 10 Aug 1908; Date of death: 27 Jun 1908; Occupation: Gent; Residence: Hawksburn.1 
Birth*8 Mar 1827 
Marriage*1852 Spouse: Elizabeth Simmons / Semmens. VIC, Australia, #M2774 (Presbyterian Melb / Geelong Fiche 814.)2
Occupation*1863 Trythall, Stephen. Teacher ID: 2815; Approximate year of registration: 1863; TRB unit no : 10.3 
Marriage*22 May 1867 Spouse: Elizabeth Scott. Trinity Church, East Melbourne, VIC, Australia, #M1316.2
Marriage-Notice*27 May 1867 TRYTHALL—SCOTT.—On the 22nd inst., at Trinity Church, East Melbourne, by the Rev. H. N. Wollaston, Mr. S. Trythall, son of Mr. W. Trythall, Penzance, Cornwall, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. James Scott, of Castlederg, Tyrone.4 
Land-Beac*25 May 1880 PAK-1A (Pre-emptive Section) LP2805. Transfer from Charles Souter to Stephen Trythall. Stephen Trythall bought the land for £87. 4a 1r 24 3/10p. 
Land-UBeac20 Sep 1888 PAK-1A (Pre-emptive Section) LP2805. Transfer from Stephen Trythall to John Thomas Ellison, James Peter McGregor, Arthur Thomas Medcalf Johnson, Charles Bartlett Duncan. Stephen Trythall sold the land for £480. 4a 1r 24 3/10p - Application 25913 - Title issued on 8 Nov 1889.5 
Widower23 Oct 1891Stephen Trythall became a widower upon the death of his wife Elizabeth Scott.2 
Marriage*1892 Spouse: Gertrude Abud. VIC, Australia, #M184 (as Gerte ABUD.)2
Death*27 Jun 1908 Hawksburn, VIC, Australia, #D11717 (Age 81) [par William TRYTHALL & Elizabeth PERKINS].6 
Death-Notice*29 Jun 1908 TRYTHALL.—On the 27th June, at his late residence, "Penzance," Hawksburn road, Hawksburn, Lieut.-Colonel Stephen, the dearly loved husband of Gertrude Trythall.
TRYTHALL. —The funeral of late Lieut.-Colonel STEPHEN TRYTHALL, V.D., will leave his late residence "Penzance" Hawksburn road, Hawksburn, THIS DAY (Monday, 29th June, 1908), at 2 o'clock, for the Boroondara Cemetery.
A A. SLEIGHT, Undertaker. Tel 410.
TRYTHALL.—The members of the LODGE OF AUSTRALIA, No. 57, U.G.L.V., and the craft in general, are informed that the funeral of the late Brother S. TRYTHALL, P.S.G.W., will leave his residence, "Penzance, " Hawksburn-road, Hawksburn, THIS DAY (Monday. 29th inst.), at 2 o'clock, for the Boroondara Cemetery.
A. A. SLEIGHT, Undertaker.7 


  • Church of England 621, Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, VIC, Australia, TRYTHALL Elizabeth/ beloved wife of Lieut Col S. TRYTHALL/ d 23 Oct 1891/
    Stephen TRYTHALL. Lieut Col. V.D./ b Cornwall 1827/ d Melbourne 27 Jun 1908/
    Gertrude TRYTHALL/ dearly beloved wife of above/ d 10 Jun 1920/ 58y.8


  • 21 Jan 1859: WANTED, a Pupil Teacher. Apply to Mr Trythall, Trinity (Church of England) School, Hoddle street, Collingwood.9
  • 27 Jun 1859: TENDERS WANTED, for MAKING a FOOTPATH. Apply Mr Trythall, Trinity Church School, Hoddle-street.10
  • 29 Oct 1859: BEATING A CHILD.—Stephen Trythall, a schoolmaster, residing in Hoddle-street, East Collingwood, was summoned by Joseph Cullen, for committing an assault upon the son of the complainant, a little boy, five years of age. The child had been taken to the Melbourne Police Court when the charge was first preferred, which was at the commencement of last week, and sundry marks upon his back were then shown to the magistrate (Mr. Vaughan), who happened to be in attendance. The Bench considered the punishment to have been unnecessarily severe, and fined the schoolmaster 10s., with 5s. 6d. costs.11
  • 3 Mar 1883: About thirty persons assembled last Thursday evening, the 1st instant, in response to an advertisement, to arrange for the annual excursion in connection with the Collingwood State Schools. Mr. Macfarlane occupied the chair. Mr. Eade, jun., was appointed Secretary. If the arrangements, as decided upon, can be successfully carried out, the excursion will be held on Friday, 16th instant, at Beaconsfield. Messrs. Macfarlane, Trythall, and Rain were appointed to visit Beaconsfield, and complete arrangements for the reception of the excursionists. Messrs. Macfarlane, Barnet, Lang, and Hart were appointed a Finance Committee. The special duty of this Committee will be the issue of tickets and arranging for the trains. Messrs. Tait, Graham, Dyer, Feild, Dale, Armfield, and Rain to be the Sports' Committee. The sum of £15 was voted to the various Committees to enable them to carry out the arrangements. Several of those present contributed to the funds. At this stage, His Worship, the Mayor of the City, Mr. M. Dwyer, entered the room, and in a rambling speech, endeavoured to explain to the meeting the reason why, in his opinion, he had not received an invitation to attend the meeting. All the councillors, and even his officers, had been invited. He presumed this want of courtesy was consequent upon his action at the Council table, as reported by numerous individuals. He gave the rumours an unqualified denial. Mr. Cr. Feild took the remarks of the Mayor as being applied to him personally, and insisted that the rumours were correct. The proceedings then became very disorderly.
    Messrs. Eades, sen., Barnet, Dale, and others attacked the Mayor for his unseemly conduct, and what with the gesticulations of the Mayor with his walking-stick, the cries of "Shame! " "It's a disgrace on Collingwood!" and the suggestions of others to send for a constable to give His Worship the Mayor in charge, the further progresss of business being effectually stopped by this conduct, the meeting adjourned till next Thursday.12
  • 27 Jun 1908: CROSSED THE BAR. Lieutenant-Colonel Trythall. Veteran Volunteer Officer.
    Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen Trythall V.D., died at his residence, "Penzance," Hawksburn road, Hawksburn, this morning. The deceased gentleman, was was 81 years of age, was a colonist of 52 years' standing.
    He joined the Education Department in 1849, coming out from England under engagement to the late Bishop Perry first Anglican Bishop of Melbourne, and retired from active service in 1891.
    Lieutenant-Colonel Trythall, who was a contemporary of the late Sir Frederick Sargood and Colonel Templeton, was one of the original members of the Second Battalion of the Victoria Volunteers, and was a first-class rifleman.13


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Alfred Mellor

M, #19659, b. 1856, d. 23 Apr 1911
Birth*1856 South Yarra, VIC, Australia, #B11248 [par James MELLOR & Sarah HAIGH].1 
Marriage*13 Apr 1881 Spouse: Ellen Mott Bellin. Cassiobury, Jolimont-square, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, #M2462.1,2
Marriage-Notice*23 Apr 1881 MELLOR—BELLIN.—On the 13th April, at Cassiobury, Jolimont-square, Melbourne, by the Rev. Samuel Chapman, Alfred, son of the late James Mellor, of London, to Nellie, daughter of John Bellin, of Melbourne.2 
Land-Note*24 Jan 1888 PAK-1A (Pre-emptive Section). Charles Souter Contract of sale for 63a 11p (eastern portion of land north of highway) - purchase price £1,525. (£25/acre). Contract cancelled by mutual agreement on 4 Sep 1889. William Brisbane was the agent, though the contract was drawn up on stationery from J Bellin, Mellor's father-in-law.3 
Land-UBeac*14 Feb 1890 PAK-142. Transfer from Robert John Stroud to Alfred Mellor. 19a 3r 5p.4 
Land-Beac*2 Oct 1891 PAK-1A LP2593 (Lot 3). Transfer from Henerge Lyle to Alfred Mellor. C/T 2385-887.5 
Land-Note*19 Mar 1892 PAK-142: Mortgagee: Alfred Mellor The Mercantile Bank of Australia Ltd. Mortgage No 132983. Not discharged.6 
Land-UBeac*28 Sep 1894 PAK-142. Transfer from Alfred Mellor to The Mercantile Bank of Australia Ltd (in liquidation). 19a 3r 5p.7 
Death*23 Apr 1911 Adelaide, SA, Australia, #D356/245.8 
Death-Notice*23 Apr 1911 MELLOR.–On the 23rd inst., at private hospital, Adelaide, Alfred, beloved husband of Nellie Mellor, of Melbourne, and father of Lesley, Dorothy, and Stanley Mellor, and of Mrs. Ross, of Paisley, Scotland, aged 55 years.9 


  • 28 Apr 1911: Death of Mr. Alfred Mellor
    The news of the accidental death of Mr. Alfred Mellor, of "Corinyah," Mont Albert road, Canterbury, was received with widespread sorrow through out this district. Mr. Mellor's death occurred in an extraordinarily simple manner. He was returning on the R.M.S. "Osterley" from a visit to West Australia, and whilst engaged with several other passengers in a game of quoits during the vessel's stay at Adelaide, he slipped on the deck and fell heavily. The fall induced cerebral hemuorrhage, and Mr. Mellor died almost inmmediately. The body was brought to Melbourne by the Adelaide express on Tuesday morning and the funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, when the remains were interred in the St. Kilda cemetery. The funeral cortege was very large and the service at the grave was conducted by the Revs. Jones and Roberts. There was a large mass of beautiful floral tributes. The deceased gentleman was a prominent figure in the Melbourne business world, particularly in mining circles, he having held for many years the secretaryship of the Mt. Lyell Co., for the success of which he was in a large degree responsible. He was 55 years of age, and was held in high esteem in Canterbury.10


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Owen James Illingworth

M, #19665, b. 12 Oct 1898, d. 12 Oct 1898
Father*Frederick Illingworth b. 24 Sep 1844, d. 8 Sep 1908
Mother*Jane McGregor b. Dec 1853, d. 16 Apr 1923
Birth*12 Oct 1898 Meerilinga, WA, Australia, #B3839/1898 (par Frederick ILLINGWORTH & Jane McGREGOR) as Owen James Illingworth.1,2 
Death*12 Oct 1898 Perth, WA, Australia, #D2231/1898 (par Frederick ILLINGWORTH & Jane McGREGOR) as Stillborn M Illingworth
Location of grave: East Perth Cemetery - Congregational.3,4 
Birth-Notice*13 Oct 1898 ILLINGWORTH.-At Meerilinga, Hay-street west, on the 12th instant, the wife of Frederick Illingworth, M.L.A , of a son (stillborn).1 


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Thomas George Gillam

M, #19669, b. 1846, d. 22 Nov 1906
Birth*1846 England. 
Marriage*12 Feb 1865 Spouse: Rebecca Golding. St Jude, Chelsea, London, England.1,2
Widower5 Apr 1880Thomas George Gillam became a widower upon the death of his wife Rebecca Golding.3 
Marriage*1888 Spouse: Emma Chambers. VIC, Australia, #M7125 - as Emma JOHNSON.1
Death*22 Nov 1906 Melbourne East, VIC, Australia, #D13976 (Age 60) [par Thos Geo GILLAM & Mary HEATH].1 
Death-Notice*23 Nov 1906 GILLAM.—On the 22nd November, at his residence, Florence house, 52 George-street, East Melbourne, Thomas George, husband of Emma Gillam, aged 60 years. No flowers.
GILLAM.—The Friends of the late THOMAS GEORGE GILLAM are informed that his funeral will leave his residence, Florence-house, 52 George-street, East Melbourne, THIS DAY (Friday, the 23rd inst.), at 3 p.m., for the Melbourne General Cemetery.4 


  • Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton, VIC, Australia5

Family 1

Rebecca Golding b. 1838, d. 5 Apr 1880
Child 1.Charles Robt Otto Gillam+6 b. 1876, d. 1960

Family 2

Emma Chambers b. 1844, d. 23 Jun 1919
Child 1.Louis Gillam+ b. 19 May 1882, d. 1969


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Richard Colles

M, #19680, b. 1818, d. 12 Dec 1883
Probate (Will)* 26/912. Richard COLLES Date of grant: 07 Feb 1884; Date of death: 12 Dec 1883; Occupation: Sheriff; Residence: Castlemaine.1 
Birth*1818 Dublin, Ireland.2 
Marriage* Spouse: Frances Anne Willmett.
Death*12 Dec 1883 Castlemaine, VIC, Australia, #D10575 (Age 65) [par Abraham COLLES & Sophia COPE].3 
Death-Notice*13 Dec 1883 Colles.—On the 12th December, at Castlemaine, Richard Colles, aged 65.4 


Frances Anne Willmett b. 1813, d. 10 Apr 1893
Children 1.Richard Colles b. 1843, d. 4 Aug 1891
 2.Thomas Colles b. 1849, d. 18 Oct 1929


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