James Feehan

M, #28951, b. 1826, d. 16 Nov 1899
Father*Maurice Feehan d. 19 May 1859
Mother*Ellen Cummins b. 1796, d. 23 Dec 1874
Land-Berwick7 Jun 1855Selection: BER-Crown-31A. 260a 0r 0p - consideration L1 10s. per acre.1,2 
Marriage* Spouse: Mary Ryan.
Death*16 Nov 1899 Prahran, VIC, Australia, #D15629/1899 (Age 63) (par Maurice FEEHAN & Ellen CUMMINS) - as Jas FEEHAN.3 
Death-Notice*17 Nov 1899 FEEHAN.—On the 16th November, from influenza, James Feehan, of Mansfield, late of Sunbury, aged 63 years. R.I.P.
FEEHAN.—The Friends of the late Mr. JAMES FEEHAN (of Mansfield, late of Sunbury) are respecfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, Bulla Cemetery.
The funeral will leave his daughter's residence, 250 Abbotsford-street, North Melbourne, on Saturday, 18th inst., at 12 o'clock.
JOHN DALEY, Undertaker, Latrobe and Spring streets, Melbourne. Telephone 827.4 


Mary Ryan d. 1924
Child 1.Maurice Feehan18 b. 1861, d. 1891


  • 8 Jun 1855: GOVERNMENT LAND SALE. The following allotments of land were disposed of by Messrs. Tennant and Co. on Wednesday. The whole of the Sandridge lots were forfeited by purchasers at a previous sale, and sold on the second occasion at greatly enhanced rates :—COUNTRY LOTS. Berwick. South of Dandenong.
    28, 260a. James Feehan. 1l. 10s. do.
    29, 305a. John Murray. 1l. 10s. do.
    30, 296a 2r 4p. Richard Dowling. 1l. 18s, do. Richard Dowling, John Murray1
  • 16 Nov 1859: STRAYED in my paddock, Strawberry COW, B near ribs ; one red and white spotted Cow, B off ribs, 3 off shoulder ; red Cow, - over - off rump. If NOT CLAIMED within 14 days from this date, they will be SOLD, to defray expenses.
    JAMES FEEHAN. Berwick, November 14, 18595
  • 4 Aug 1860: Charles Rossiter, James Feehan, John Brisbane, Abram Gardiner, and Adam Ritchie, to be the Trustees of the land set apart at Berwick as a site for a General Cemetery. Charles Rossiter, John Brisbane, Abraham Gardiner, Adam Ritchie6
  • 30 Apr 1866: WEDNESDAY, MAY 2.
    Sal of Dairy Cattle at Berwick, Eight Miles from Dandenong.
    A. STRETTLE and Co (successors to George Kirk and Co.) are instructed by Jas. Feehan, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION (by their auctioneer, Mr. Mullett), at his farm, Berwick, on Wednesday, May 2.
    120 head of dairy cattle,
    Consisting of
    36 cows, in milk
    32 springers
    30 two and three year old heifers
    20 yearlings
    8 bulls
    Dairy utensils.
    Sale to Commence at Twelve O'clock.7
  • 18 Sep 1867: BERWICK Mr. James Feehan's FARM, of 420 acres, with first-class improvements. Moderate price and easy terms. Henry Stevenson, 89 Queen street.8
  • 3 May 1869: BERWICK.-James Feehan's FARM, containing 420 acres. Price £1200. Easy terms. Henry Stevenson, 60 Queen-street.9
  • 13 Jul 1872: Houses or land to let: BERWICK. James Feehan's FARM, 420 acres. Apply Richard Feehan, Elizabeth-street ; or Henry Stevenson, Queen Street10
  • 25 Mar 1876: TEN POUNDS REWARD.-LOST, from Mr. J Feehan's paddock, Deep Creek, bay MARE, black points, branded MR near shoulder, small star. Above reward, if stolen, on conviction of thief ; £5 if strayed, delivered to Mr. Feehan, City Arms, Melbourne, or Mr. Daniel Sweeney, Berwick11
  • 4 May 1878: THURSDAY, MAY 16.
    At Mr. James Feehan's, Berwick.
    EGAN and CLARKE have been favoured with instructions from Mr. James Feehan to SELL by AUCTION, at the farm, Pleasant hills, three miles from Berwick, on the above date, at one o'clock,
    40 cows, in full milk
    40 do, springing
    20 do, fat
    30 one and a half to two year old steers
    30 heifers, in calf
    40 young cattle, mixed sexes.
    Luncheon provided.12
  • 1 May 1880: WEDNESDAY, MAY 5. At Twelve o'clock
    Desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, Near BERWICK, Known as CLOVER HILL. Containing about 420 Acres First class AGRICULTURAL LAND,
    Situate Close to the Beaconsfield Railway Station
    To Capitalists, Farmers, Graziers, and Others GEMMELL, TUCKETT, and Co have received instructions from K Ker, Esq , estate agent, to SELL by AUCTION, at their rooms, 40 Collins street west, on account of Mr James Feehan, on Wednesday, 6th May, at twelve o'clock,
    All that valuable property known as Cloverhill, containing 420 acres, more or less, being Crown Portion B and 31A, parish of Berwick, county of Mornington, situate about two miles from the township of Berwick.
    This valuable block of land is well worth the attention of speculators, investors, and gentlemen desiring country residences in this favourite locality.
    Most of the land lies high, commanding fine views of the surrounding country, and well suited for subdivision into smaller lots. A considerable portion of the land is fit for agricultural purposes, it is all substantial fenced and well grassed, and permanently watered by the Cardinia Creek, to which it has a frontage of over a mile The boundary of this fine property is only a quarter of a mile from the Beaconsfield Railway Station, and adjoins the well known state of James Gibb, Esq., M L A.
    For further particulars apply to the auctioneers, or Mr R Ker, estate agent, 60 Little Collins street west.13
  • 26 Oct 1880: RE JAMES FEEHAN.
    This was a petition by Mrs. Mary Feehan, praying for an inquiry by the master in equity as to whether her husband, James Feehan, was of sane mind and capable of managing his affairs. The petition was presented through Mr. J. Ryan, the father of Mrs. Feehan.
    Mr. A'Beckett appeared for the petitioner; Mr. Lawes for Mr. Feehan.
    James Feehan was a farmer at Berwick, but he had freehold land also at Corop, and leased land at Deep Creek, Bulla. It was alleged that he had been in the Yarra Bend Asylum some years ago as a lunatic; that he afterwards obtained his release; that in August last he was again placed in the asylum by an order signed by Mr. F. Call, police magistrate. The order was made on two certificates signed by Dr. J. P. Ryan and Mr. C. S. Ryan, medical practitioners. Both these gentlemen made affidavits that Feehan was suffering from religious delusions. Mr. Paley, superintendent of the asylum, also gave similar evidence, and Mrs Feehan and two of her sons, one 19 and the other 15 years of age, gave evidence as to the conduct of Mr. Feehan. Against this aflidavits were put in by Dr. Molloy, Mr. Iffla, surgeon, an official visitor at the lunatic asylum, that Feehan was rational. Mr. H. C. Turner, bank manager, Mr. N. J. Casey, Mr. Ker, and others said that Feehan seemed to be perfectly able to transact business. It was contended on his behalf that he was not permanently insane and that his wife was too precipitate in making this application.
    His HONOUR said that this was only an application for an inquiry as to the sanity of the alleged lunatic, and it was advisable that it should take place as it would decide the charge of lunacy that was now hovering over him. According to the result of that inquiry, and whether there were reasonable grounds for preferring the accusation, he would decide the question of costs. , Mary Ryan14
  • 22 Apr 1882: Mr. James Feehan, of the City Arms Hotel Elizabeth-street, Melbourne, who is the owner of considerable landed property within the boroughs of Essendon and Flemington, has offered to make the council of that borough a gift of land sufficient to open up a road from the Moonee Pond creek to Ascot Vale. The proposed new road would be a continuation of Dawson-street, Brunswick, and would be a great convenience to the public generally. This matter came before the Brunswick council on Wednesday evening, when a letter was read from an influential ratepayer, Mr. T.P. Fallon, suggesting that steps be at once taken with a view to the erection of a bridge over the Moonee Ponds creek in a line with Dawson-street. Mr. Fallon intimated that in his opinion it did not reflect much credit upon the municipal councils concerned that, within sound of the bells of the Melbourne Post Office clock, there is a creek separating two important municipalities without a bridge over it. In reference to this matter it may be stated, as a fact, that although 'in a bee line' the Brunswick town hall is not distant more than a mile and a quarter from Flemington municipal council chamber, to drive from one building to the other necessitates a journey of about six miles.15
    Important and Unreserved Sale 119 ACRES 2 ROODS 17 PERCHES Valuable AGRICULTURAL and GRAZING LAND at Corop.
  • 11 Apr 1896: MANSFIELD, FRIDAY.—At the local court this morning James Feehan and Richard Crawford were charged with not taking proper precautions to destroy rabbits on their land after receiving notice. The former was fined £6 and £1 16s. costs, and the latter £2 and £1 10s. costs. The cases against Ambrose Devine and Jos. Maxwell, for the same offence, were postponed for one month.17


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Thomas Cahill

M, #28952
Land-Berwick* BER-Crown-24 (part). Transfer from an unknown person to Thomas Cahill


  • 29 May 1880: TRANSFER of LAND STATUTE-No 13,418 - THOMAS CAHILL, of Berwick, in the county of Mornington, farmer, has applied to bring the land described at the foot hereof under the above statute and the Commissioner of Titles has directed notice of the application to be advertised in "The Argus" newspaper, and has appointed fourteen days from such advertisement after which time the land will be brought under the operation of the statute, unless a caveat shall be lodged forbidding the same.
    Dated 27th day of May, 1880
    Part of Crown Portion 24, parish of Berwick, county of Mornington, commencing at the South corner of the said portion, thence north 42 degrees west by a Government road 4265 links, thence north 70 degrees east 3037 links, and thence south by another road 4208 links to the commencing point.
    RICHD GIBBS, Registrar of Titles
    Frank Madden, Collins street west, Melbourne, solicitor for the applicant.1


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John Fraser

M, #28957


  • 12 Dec 1891: THURSDAY, 17th DECEMBER.
    At 12 o'Clock.
    On the Ground, known as Koenig's Farm,
    1½ Miles from Berwick.
    WM. HAMILTON and Co. have received instructions from John Fraser, Esq., to offer for sale, on the above date, the whole of his pure bred and carefully selected stock, comprising
    8 Ayrshire females (in milk)
    4 do. springers
    7 do. calves
    15 Jersey females (in milk)
    9 do. springers
    9 yearling heifers
    5 heifer calves
    4 yearling bulls
    3 bull calves
    34 Lincoln ewes; 16 Southdown ewes
    37 do. lambs 19 do. lambs
    5 do. rams 2 do rams
    1 trotting pony stallion, 14.3
    1 pair grey buggy ponies
    8 saddle and harness horses
    2 draught horses.
    Dray, spring cart, Lennon plough, harness, iron roller, horse hoe, hand chaffcutter, harness and dairy utensils
    Terms, £25 or over, 3 months ; £50 or over, 4 months approved bills.
    Luncheon provided.
    Catalogues on application to the auctioneers.
    WM. HAMILTON and Co., 154 Queen-street,
    Melbourne ; or, R. SKEWS, Berwick. Johann Gustav Koenig1
  • 12 Jun 1897: THE DROUGHT. SHEPPARTON, Tuesday.
    Artificial feeding of stock is general here, and the mortality is increasing amongst sheep and cattle. Up to the present very little stock has been moved from the district in search of pasture, but owners now find themselves compelled to look elsewhere for grass to keep their stock alive. Messrs. D. and M. C. Fraser, of Tallygaroopna and Tullochgorum, are removing their stock to Sunbury and Berwick, and their example is likely to be followed by others.2
  • 6 Jul 1911: LOST—Red and while Ayrshire Cow, no visible brands, square notch out of near tar. Red and white Heifer, clover leaf notch near ear. Reward £1. W. J. Wilson, Koenig Hill, Berwick.3


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Mary Swan

F, #28958, b. 1846, d. 21 Jul 1918
Married NameEdmondson. 
Marriage*1868 Spouse: John Edmondson. Strathalbyn, VIC, Australia.
Death*21 Jul 1918 Melbourne East, VIC, Australia, #D9660/1918 (Age 72) (par Jno SWAN & Mary WILSON) - as Mary EDMONDSON.1 
Death-Notice*9 Aug 1918 EDMONDSON.—On the 21st July, 1918, at the Melbourne Hospital, Mary, the beloved wife of John Edmondson, sen., of Harkaway, Victoria, formerly of Gawler River, aged 72 years and 2 months.2 


    In reference to an enquiry by William Swan for his father's relatives, Mrs. John Edmondson, Gawler P.O., South Australia, writes:—"The relatives of John Swan, of Alloa, Clackmannan, once a Custom House officer in Adelaide, and brother to Captain Swan, are William Swan, a son of the above living at Alberton, near Adelaide; and Mary Swan, a daughter, now Mrs. John Edmondson, Gawler. There are only two of the family living, a niece and daughter of Captain Swan."3


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George Charles Beard

M, #28962, b. 1856, d. 1947
Birth*1856 Christchurch, New Zealand. 
Land-Berwick*b 1919 BER-Crown 3-3. Transfer from John Edmondson to George Charles Beard. 6a 1r 3p - consideration £1,200.1 
Correspondence*11 Dec 1920 John Edmondson "Homebush", HARKAWAY, Dec 11th 1920
The enclosed I found stuck in the wall of the dairy folded up in a bit of tissue paper this morning, I don't suppose it will be of any good but I thought it was right that you should have it.
Yours faithfully, G.C. Beard.2 
Death*1947 Berwick, VIC, Australia, #D20073/1947 (Age 91) (par George Chantler BEARD & Anne MACKIE) - as George Charles BEARD.3 


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