Harriet Hilliard

F, #10488, b. 1842, d. 7 Feb 1913
Married NameJohnson. 
Birth*1842 London, England. 
Marriage*28 Jan 1860 Spouse: John Gull Johnson. VIC, Australia, #M812.1
Marriage-Notice*1 Feb 1860MARRIAGE. On the 28th ult., by the Rev. W. B. Landells, at the house of the bride's father, John Gull, son of Mr. Joseph Haddon Johnson, Reading, Berkshire, England, to Harriet, third daughter of Mr. Robert Jones Hilliard, late of Kentish Town, London.2 
Widow2 Feb 1909Harriet Hilliard became a widow upon the death of her husband John Gull Johnson.3 
Death*7 Feb 1913 Sorrento, VIC, Australia, #D3156 (Age 71) [par Robert HILLIARD & Elizabeth PIDD].4 
Death-Notice*15 Feb 1913JOHNSON.-On the 7th February, at Sorrento, Harriet, widow of the late John Gull Johnson.5 


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Thomas Coff

M, #10500, b. 20 Dec 1856, d. 14 Dec 1934
Birth*20 Dec 1856 Ballarat, VIC, Australia, #B1692/1857 [Walter Thomas COFF & Mary Margaret ARNOLD].1 
Marriage*1881 Spouse: Catherine Ann Cook Smith. VIC, Australia, #M767.1
Land-UBeac*Jan 1898 GEM-E-7.8. Transfer from Mary Henrietta Shanks to Thomas Coff.2 
Land-Note*1899 GEM-E-7.8. Thomas Coff also claimed to be mislead by the agent, but paid the Department £59. On 25 Mar 1899 he transferred the lease to Perry.2 
Land-UBeac*25 Mar 1899 GEM-E-7.8. Transfer from Thomas Coff to Edward Perry. 178a 1r 25p.3,4 
Death*14 Dec 1934 Swan, WA, Australia, #D103.5 
Death-Notice*15 Dec 1934COFF. — On December 14, 1934, at his late residence, Success-road, Bassendean, Thomas, beloved husband of Catherine, loved father of Margaret, Arthur, Wentworth (deceased), Jessie, Euphemia (deceased), William, Sydney, Earl, Grace and Ernest; aged 78 years. At rest.6 

Electoral Rolls (Australia) and Census (UK/IRL)

DateAddressOccupation and other people at same address
1903Beaconsfield, VIC, AustraliaOccupation: carter. With Catherine Ann Cook Smith. With Margaret Hutton Coff.7


  • 9 Oct 1897: Mildura: I have made an inspection of the slaughter-yards, and have also given each of the butchers a copy of the new by-laws relating to the same to prevent the plea of ignorance.
    I inspected T. Coff's premises also, but found that he has given up the slaughtering of sheep for sale. The report was adopted.8
  • 22 Dec 1900: WILES OF HORSE DEALERS. Two more horse dealing cases were dealt with at the Collingwood court on Friday. Thomas Coff, farmer, Berwick, bought a horse from D. M'Farlane or M'Gregor, Cambridge-street, for £26. It was broken winded and useless. The bench gave a verdict for the amount of his deposit, £14, with 3 guineas costs.9
  • 3 Jan 1901: A BERWICK FARMER TAKEN IN. At Collingwood court yesterday, Thomas Coff, a Berwick farmer, proceeded against D. M'Farlane or M'Gregor to recover £14, money paid as deposit on the purchase of a horse. Defendant did not appear. Plaintiff, who was represented by Mr. R. C. T. Morgan, deposed that he went to Cambridge-street on 8th November, and purchased "an upstanding horse that looked fit for a show." It was nearly 18 hands high, and the price was £26.
    The animal was guaranteed to be thoroughly sound and in every way suited for farm work. Plaintiff paid £14 down, and was so pleased with the manner of the dealer that he invited him to stay at Berwick for a few days. Defendant paid the visit. He was well entertained, being driven over the country, and introduced to friends. Plaintiff there told him that he found the horse to be broken winded and lame. It was entirely unsuitable. Defendant said he would take it back, but it was agreed that a week should be allowed to pass before returning it because of the distance to Melbourne. When plaintiff came to Melbourne he was put off day after day for over a week, and eventually discovered that defendant had disappeared.
    A verdict was given for the amount claimed, with three guineas costs.10
  • 8 Mar 1901: A HORSE DEALERS RESOURCEFUL TACTICS. Some weeks ago, at the Collingwood court, a Berwick farmer named Thomas Coff obtained a verdict for £17 odd against Dougal M'Farlane or M'Gregor, a horse dealer, on the ground that a horse he had sold as "fit for a show" was foundered and useIess. In order to keep down the "roaring" a quantity of shot and fat had been poured into the bronchial tubes. At the same court yesterday Mr. R. O. T. Morgan, representing Coff, stated that no satisfaction had been obtained through the verdict. Defendant defied all attempts to get near him, actually adopting disguises to thwart Coff and the police. Eventually he had been served with a fraud summons, but then swore that he was not the person named in the summons. He did not appear in court. A fine of 10/-, or fourteen days' imprisonment was recorded against him for disobeying the summons, and the hearing of the charge of failing to meet the verdict was adjourned for a week.11


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